'Catfish' MTV: 'Chanelle & Michael' Recap A Vanishing Catfish

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This is one episode of MTV's "Catfish" where the guys seemed to be on a chase for a ghost.

Season five continues as Michael seeks help from Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to see if he was being catfished by Chanelle, a woman he met online.

What's interesting about this episode is the fact that Michael's brother happened to peer pressure him into writing to Catfish. Episode six of season five finds Michael, a 21-year-old male from Philly who found love on Instagram in the form of Chanelle, a woman who is also from Philly but moved to North Carolina. Michael also has a son who happens to be one of the best things in his life.

Michael believed that Chanelle would be it for him. However, his brother doesn't seem to think that Chanelle is who she says she is.

After Chanelle went off the grid Michael got worried about his friend. They call up Michael and they think he seems much older than 21. Michael was born and raised in West Philadelphia.

He tells them that he spoke to Chanelle numerous times and tried to videochat but could not see her face. He says she is very positive despite him losing a couple of childhood friends.

He thinks it's possible that something might have happened to her. Schulman and Joseph are given the task to try and help Michael either locate Chanelle or prove that she is not real.

They drive over to Michael's place and try to come up with reasons why Chanelle could have abandoned him. They meet up with Michael and his brother Sid. Sid says he is worried about Michael because it seems too good to be true. Michael says he was able to vent about all of the losses he had in his life.

Michael got a DM and he knew what was up when you slide in the DM's. He was expecting Chanelle to come back home to attend Temple but she never did.

Michael says he was cut off after awhile and Chanelle hasn't posted anything. Michael feels betrayed and Sid seems like Chanelle was trying to save her own ass.

Michael's email with information states that Chanelle was attending Temple University before she left for North Carolina. He does not have any other social media accounts other than the Instagram account which has the handle nellyville_94. With the information they gathered from Michael, the guys begin their search but everything just comes up empty.

It's almost as if she really and truly vanished off the face of the earth. Especially after they they search for missing persons and come up with absolutely nothing.

Joseph then tells Schulman that he doesn't believe her name is Chanelle.

They take some of the photos and when they search they second one they find a model named Ashley Trent. So, Chanelle might not be the actual woman in the photo. They search the number and find a Kym from Landsdale, PA. They find Kym and she has a daughter Stacey, who works at Temple.

They believe that Stacey might be the one contacting him. However, Stacey appears to have a full family and they notice that all of the photos are being liked by the same people.

They find Larrya who happens to be in the nursing program at Temple. Now, they believe that Larrya is the one that Michael was talking to the whole time. They also believe that Larrya might still be in West Philly.

They meet with Michale and Sid and Sid seems to be much more nervous than his brother. They tell Michael what they found with the number and Kym doesn't ring any bells. They then mention Stacey and he doesn't recognize her either. They show him Larrya and her account Larrya_95 and Michael still doesn't recognize her.

Sid thinks she might be the one Michael is talking to. They finally reveal that the Chanelle in the photo is actually Ashley Trent the model.

Michael is now worried about who it could be.

Schulman decides the next step is to call whoever it is Michael is talking to and ask if they could meet up. He gets a voicemail and now it's time to wait.

Michael suggests DM one of the three parties involved. They DM Chanelle, Stacey and Larrya. That evening Schulman tells Joseph he got some new information.

It has gotten interesting as Schulman got a text from Chanelle, however, it's not Chanelle's phone.

Chanelle says she doesn't want anything to do with the mess and asks them not to call anymore. Schulman and Joseph are puzzled but they are happy they got some kind of contact.

The next day they decide to call Michael to let him know they would be coming by. They got a message from Larrya on the way to Michael's house and they agree to call her about a friend of hers. When they arrive at Michael's they give him the bad news from Chanelle and then follow it up with the good news from Larrya.

They still think the number associated with Chanelle might know something. They text Larrya and ask her to give them a call. She replies saying that she can't talk on the phone but she can DM.

Larrya says that Chanelle is one of her best friends why are they asking about her. She confirms that she is okay and that she is in Philly. However, the number is different.

Larrya says she is not okay with giving out her best friends number. That explains the message they got from the angry person.

They agree to ask Larrya if she would be able to meet up. She chooses FDR Park and they are feeling good about the investigation.

They arrive at FDR Park and they have no idea what they are in store for. They reach a strange area of the park when they see someone walking their way. Larrya comes up and meets everyone like it's the first time she has ever seen them. They explain the situation and Larrya says she is nervous.

She tells them that Chanelle is a good friend of hers and she does care about Michael. Larrya says Chanelle has a lot going on and she didn't feel too comfortable talking about Chanelle.

All she would say is that she had a lot going on. After continuous prodding, Larrya says she has something to tell them.

Larrya says that Chanelle is with Larrya. They agree to go with her to meet Chanelle and Michael is very nervous. Larrya walks up to the car and Michael says he "definitely knows that b*tch." It's his ex Christina, who obviously knows Michael. She says they dated when they were 16 for about two months but they lost touch.

Michael believes that it was a waste of time and he didn't recognize her voice. She says she could have planned things out better and Michael says it's stupid to go through all of that.

Michael said if she came on as herself, it might have been better.

Christina explains that she created Chanelle to talk to Michael because she missed him. Michael says he never ignored her so he doesn't see why she couldn't approach him as her. Christina is almost speechless and Michael says it's a total waste of time. She apologizes for bringing it all on and says she wasn't trying to be malicious. She wanted to use Chanelle to get to know what was going on with Michael.

She got too comfortable with being Chanelle after Michael began opening up to her. Michael said whatever she was trying didn't work and it just made things worst.

Then, Christina revealed that sometimes her friend Stacey would write back to Michael, because Christina used her phone for a bit.

Michael is just ready to leave and doesn't want to hear anything. This really is the biggest waste of time in Catfish history.

The guys meet with Christina who says she is glad that they are there. Christina says she wasn't pulling a joke on Michael. She explained that she started to follow his brother Sid, who posted a photo of Michael.

She thought about the times she shared with Michael and figured she would reach out to him as Chanelle. She says at the time she was trying to go through depression after having her son.

She said she liked talking to Michael because she could escape what she was going through and comfort Michael.

She genuinely cares about him so she was not using him to make herself feel better. Christina thinks she will reach out to him in the future but Joseph doesn't think she should because Michael doesn't want to talk to her. He says if she really cared about him, trying to talk to him would be trying to make herself feel less guilty.

Schulman tells her that sometimes the best thing to do is to give the other person the space they need.

They urge her to lose something that she wants and she tells them to apologize to Michael and wish him the best on her behalf.

The guys head over to Michael's house and they reveal to him that Christina was in a bad place with her depression. They explained exactly what Christina did and Michael says that it's unfortunate.

Michael realizes it wasn't for fun or games and he says he may talk to her in the future for a regular conversation, in order to let her know he isn't upset.

The guys tells Michael to text them in the future if he meets another girl on the internet. Michael is concentrating on his son and Christina is putting her efforts into a blog to try and help women with depression.

We can see why MTV and Catfish were keeping this one as such a big secret. This is by far the most shocking episode of Catfish in season five.

There was really know telling what Michael was in for however, no one was ready for what happened at the end of this episode.

You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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