'Catfish' MTV: 'Brittany & Bryon' Recap, Shocking Season Finale

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On the shocking season finale of MTV's "Catfish," Max Joseph joins Nev Schulman once again as they try to find out if Brittany is being catfished by Bryon.

In episode 21 of season four, Joseph and Schulman are contacted by Brittany Culler (Facebook), a divorced mother of three from Tempe, AZ, who is seeking answers as to whether or not Bryon, a marine out of Indianapolis, IN is catfishing her. The guys read the message from Brittany who really seems skeptical of Bryon but cars very much for him.

She does have three children which makes this very high stakes for her and both Joseph and Schulman understand that.

Brittany says that Bryon initiated a conversation with her telling her that she's pretty and would like to get to know her more.

The immediate red flags are the fact that Bryon might have PTSD, Brittany had to beg him to get on the phone with her and his voice didn't match his photo and Bryon refuses to meet up with Brittany or even video chat.

These are all signs that Bryon has something to hide and it could end pretty badly for Brittany who says that despite being a single mother of three, Bryon still embraces her for who she is.

Joseph and Schulman travel out to meet Brittany who greets them pretty enthusiastically. They guys ask about her children and Brittany says that she doesn't want them on the show and their father's aren't okay with it. Schulman immediately comments on the fact that in terms of life and a relationship, Brittany has done more in five years than he's done in his entire life. She says that she was really young and didn't get to experience life the way others did.

Brittany's mother went to prison and she doesn't get along with her father which would explain why she falls for other's so fast. She tries to fill the void of love and affection and that's why she fell in love with Bryon.

Brittany never lied about having kids with Bryon and it didn't seem to matter one bit to him he even said he loves kids. Her daughter even says hello and talks to Bryon whenever he's on the phone.

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Brittany says Bryon opened up about his PTSD and would call her in the middle of the night because he was having flashbacks to bombs going off. The fact that Bryon was a bit vulnerable in that sense really spoke to Brittany's heart. She loves him and she's hoping that Bryon is not lying.

Joseph reminds her that there is something he's lying about and Brittany says she is willing to forgive and forget if it's something little.

She even says Bryon opened up to her about his mother committing suicide when he was two.

When they ask how she would feel if that was a lie, she says "oh, I would be mad." All that's left now is to do some digging and find out what Bryon's real motives are.

Bryon was a sniper in the Marine Corp. and he looks like someone that wouldn't necessarily be interested in her. The guys look over the email that Brittany sent them and find a few interesting things. They realize that Brittany's situation is high risk because of her three kids.

Bryon seems to fit the built but they aren't sure anything Bryon's told Brittany is true. They go over to Bryon's page and he only has 75 friends.

They do a Google image search and it was someone searching for sniper.

They find out that the guy in the photos is in New York and they figure out that the guy in the photo is a Joseph. He's from Long Island and apparently stationed in Japan.

The real question is, who is Bryon.

When they search the phone number they find the number to a girl, Heather, in her mid-twenties and she is from Kentucky. They want to know if Heather is gay and if Brittany is going to be interested in that. They take their findings to Brittany and her cousin Renee.

Renee tells the guys that Brittany has lived with her off and on since she was 15. Renee says that Brittany is really happy when it comes to Bryon but she gives her heart easily.

They sit down and break down their investigation. They tell her that the image is a search image for a sniper. She realizes that Bryon is actually Joseph who is stationed in Japan and hasn't been in the U.S. during the time she's been talking to Bryon.

Brittany already takes it hard and is angry at herself. She calls herself stupid and can't believe how someone like that could talk to her daughter and get that close.

She is so overwhelmed she needs to take a break. All of this before they even unleash news of Heather.

Renee is pretty optimistic that maybe it's just someone with a different name who is into her. Brittany returns still in shock and the guys understand. When they tell her about the phone number she's a bit more subdued and they aren't sure if it's Heather or if it's a family member of Heather's.

Renee tells Brittany that she always tells her to learn how to be alone but Brittany seems like someone who needs to be loved. Brittany wants answers so that she can have peace of mind.

Schulman heads outside to give Bryon/Heather a call, however, it's forwarded to a voice messaging system. Schulman leaves a message explaining the situation and the possibility of meeting up.

He returns and tells everyone that there was no answer and they'll have to wait, unless Brittany is okay with showing up at the address they have. Brittany agrees and the guys decide to give it some time to see if they will get a response. On the drive back Schulman get's a call from Bryon's sister, Heather.

Schulman says they want to meet Bryon but she says that she's not sure Bryon being on TV is the best because he's been through a lot.

Heather says she doesn't know what Bryon does online and says she will let Schulman know if he's interested. Joseph is convinced that Heather is the culprit.

The next day Schulman calls Brittany and tells her about the call. Schulman doesn't buy the story and realizes that they may or may not decide to meet up with them. He tells Brittany to plan on going out to Kentucky to meet up with Heather and possibly Bryon.

They haven't heard anything by the next day and they decide to go out any.

Brittany sends a text saying that they are going out to Kentucky and the response is pretty much that this is really fast and they are nervous. They can't be as nervous as Brittany who is heartbroken at this point.

Brittany receives a text from Bryon saying if Brittany loves him she won't make him do this. Brittany is pissed off at this point having flown all they way out there. She explains the text to the guys and they ultimately decide that they are going to go over no matter what.

Brittany says from now one she's going to have her guard up a bit more because she has to worry about her kids. She receives a message telling her that he doesn't want his parents involved so he asks them to meet him at his aunts house near a dark back alley.

That's incredibly sketchy. They arrive and Schulman tells Brittany she has every right to let whoever it is know what she's feeling.

Schulman knocks on the door and slightly opens it. He pokes his head in and says hello and it sounds like he is greeted by Heather. Heather comes out and it seems like we now know the real person behind the catfish. She admits that she made up Bryon and Brittany notices the voices from the phone.

Heather lied about being a marine as well. She wanted to escape what she was going through at home.

Brittany is completely overwhelmed and when she says she put her kids in all of this, Heather apologizes and says she is going to school law enforcement.

The story about her mother and the feelings are true from Heather. Brittany does not want to be involved with Heather and even says she would have been her friend if she was honest. She says Heather went too far especially after she told her so many personal stories that her family doesn't even know. Brittany is understandably shaken up completely and Joseph joins her in the car after it ends up being too much. Brittany doesn't think that Heather truly understands what she's done.

Brittany has a mixture of being mad at herself and being mad at Heather. Schulman meets with Heather who is equally emotional about it all.

She says she's spend years bottling something up inside of her.

She says the guilt ate her up everyday and she comes from a small town where everyone knows each other. She's never been accepted by her town or her family.

She felt more accepted through the fake profile and Heather knows that there was no way she and Brittany could really be together. Schulman heads out to get Brittany so that maybe they can talk things out again. Schulman says this is a classic example of two people who wanted to find something and went looking in the wrong place. Joseph believes it's best to just end the chapter. The two are left alone and Brittany lets Heather know how messed up the situation is.

Heather tells her all she can do is say sorry and that she's not use to having someone to open up to. She tells her about being bullied so bad she needed to be homeschooled. Brittany tells Heather she needs to learn how to be okay with herself and not to worry about being gay.

She dispenses some pretty important advice about not caring what other people think.

It ends on a slightly better note and Schulman and Joseph hug it out with Heather before everyone says goodbye. Brittany says she will learn from this experience.

Brittany is doing much better and hasn't had contact with Heather. Heather is now a security officer and her life seems to be looking much better and she's even dating someone now.

What a season finale. The guys of "Catfish" really had their work cut out for them. The special episode aired on another action packed MTV night as the 2015 MTV VMA's followed.

MTV must have known what a big episode this was and why it deserved a special airing.

Unfortunately this marks the end of season four which was full of surprises and a plethora of special guests. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV until next season.