'Catfish' MTV: 'Blaire & Markie' Recap, The Catfish Kidnapping Mystery

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MTV's "Catfish" returns this week with one of the most intense episodes this season. Nev Sculman and Max Joseph will help Blaire find out whether Markie is a real person or if she's actually been kidnapped.

On episode 10 of season four, the guys are baffled tonight when 22-year-old Blaire Laventhal (Facebook) of San Antonio, Texas tells them that she believes that Markie Sanchez (Instagram) of Fresno, California was kidnapped.

It all begins with Blaire (Twitter) who says her relationship with Markie (Twitter) began on the social media site Instagram.

Like most of the relationships on "Catfish" Markie (Facebook 1, 2) helped Blaire get through a pretty dark time her in her life. Blaire was homeless after being kicked out of her house with nothing but the clothes on her back.

She was able to find strength and purpose in Markie. Markie saved her from ending her life which made the decision to get together all that clearer.

Things get a little fishy as Markie always made excuses to video chat when Blaire asked, typical "Catfish" move. As time went on they decided to meet and Blaire bought a ticket for her to fly out to NY, where Blaire was living at the time she met Markie.

However, when they were suppose to meet, Blaire says Markie was kidnapped.

She fell off the face of the planet for a week until she called Blaire from a mental asylum asking if they can just be friends.

Schulman and Joseph quickly take to thinking that the entire story was made up but the plot of this strange "Catfish" episode continues to thicken when Blaire meets a new girl Katarina.

Upon updating the Facebook status to in a relationship just weeks ago from the time she's sending the message to "Catfish," Blaire received an erratic message from Markie demanding that Blaire calls her immediately. Markie is trying to keep Blaire from dating however, she doesn't want to date her.

How can someone be jealous of a relationship when they decided to end it with someone. It's definitely getting a bit outrageous now.

Schulman and Joseph call Blaire up to find out what's going on where the story is rehashed once more. Blaire's money situation is pretty tight right now and when she had Markie in her life, she was motivated to get out and get a job so that she could meet Markie.

Blaire was in a panic when she first found out that Markie was kidnapped.

Markie told Blaire that she wasn't over her ex and it landed her in a hospital. All Blaire wants is a chance to figure out what's going on so she can move on with her life.

The guys head out to Texas to meet up with Blaire and get to know her a little better. Blaire truly contemplated suicide because nothing going right in her life. Markie always happen to call right before she tried to walk into the freeway to end her life.

She found reason in life after meeting Markie and when she was kidnapped Blaire tried all she could to talk to her and find out what was going on but her family denied her.

All of the social media accounts Markie has are real so it seems as if the guys are dealing with a real person. Blaire has a very positive outlook on things and is ready to find out the truth.

Schulman and Joseph understand that there is a very sensitive situation at hand. After going over all of the facts they received they begin digging to find out more about Markie. Image searches reveal that there are no hits which means she is probably who she says she is. They run Markie's phone number and find an address.

The next step is to check the Facebook that has a tone of scandalous information. They reach out to a guy that they found on her page. Markie seems like a very troubled individual especially from her scary hashtags.

They receive a call from Markie's ex who claims that she lied to him about everything. The guys asked him whether or not they thought she was capable of lying about being kidnapped and he said yes with confidence.

Markie is capable of anything right now and it looks like she is trying to manipulate Blaire and play with her emotions.

The guys then call Chris to ask him what's the deal on Markie and he tells them she got in trouble for having a switchblade in her backpack.

He is also reveals that Markie was under some missing feed and the bigger shocker is that Markie has a girlfriend that she is always Skyping with, despite not wanting to Skype Blaire.

Blaire and the guys meet alongside her friend and the child they are taking care of. Once Blaire's friend exits, they begin laying out all of the information; her address, the information from her ex, her classmate, and the suspension. The kidnapping was in fact Markie running away to get attention.

Blaire is pissed off when she hears that Markie has girlfriend that she actually Skypes.

She thinks that she may be a victim of a very troubled individual who has dark demons and enjoys hurting people. The last step is to meet Markie.

Schulman gives Markie a call to see if she would be interesting in meeting up to air out all of her skeletons in her closet. When he asks if meeting Blaire is something she wants to do, however, she says she has a lot of stuff going on with her family. She is scared that things are going to go wrong when they meet.

Markie agrees to meet after Schulman asks her to think about how vulnerable Blaire is. It's not a guarantee but Blaire needs answers. Thus, the trek begins as the team and Blaire fly out to meet the mysterious Markie.

On the day that Markie is supposed to meet Blaire she isn't answering any phone calls. Blaire did get a response to her text however, the guys haven't been able to get into contact. Markie is still ignoring the calls and they decide that they are going to do a stakeout in front of her home.

They arrive at the address and it's not a residential area. Blaire knows what the house looks like and what her dads truck looks like.

They then decide to use the geo-tags on Facebook and use the address to go visit the new house. Once they arrive, they park outside the home and they see her dad pulling up in the red truck.

Schulman rings the bell and when they don't receive and answer they start looking around. A man comes to the door and it appears to be her dad. He tells them that Markie left with her friends a few days ago and hasn't been home since.

They leave some information for Mark to relay to Markie and he agrees. Things seem to be falling apart for Blaire and she's getting pretty emotional.

They decide to wait an hour at a park to see if Markie will reach out. Blaire receives a call from Markie who just got home and offered to come out to them.

After 45 minutes they begin to get restless but Markie does in fact show up. Markie actually shows up and she seems extremely excited. They are completely caught off-guard by Markie's reaction. Everyone sits down with Markie to find out what really happened when she was supposed to come to New York.

Markie says that she was persuaded by another man not to go to New York because she would die. She left and went into the mountains with the "close personal friend" and the man wanted nothing to do with Blaire.

It sounds a little like a horror film at this point. Markie admits that she tries hardest not to lie to Blaire and Schulman says she really needs to be truthful.

Markie confesses her love for Blaire and tells her she wants to be the one who wears her ring. Schulman interjects and he says everything is way too smooth. He stands up to Blaire and is pretty passionate about it. He's trying to help Blaire recognize that Markie is not good for her.

After his speech Schulman and Max leave the two to have some time alone. After all is said and done, Markie tries to appeal to Blaire's emotions again but it doesn't work.

Blaire tells her that she needs to cut the lies out and that she wants to trust her but she needs stability.

There is an ultimatum where Markie has to cut the lies if she wants to be a part of Blaire's life as a friend.

Blaire is now beginning her life once again in a positive manner. The relationship with Markie is still good and they talk everyday.

Markie has made strides towards becoming a better person and it looks like she's learned her lesson.

Blaire is with her girlfriend Katarina and they are moving to Florida with the child she was taking care of, after receiving legal guardianship.

Just when things couldn't get any stranger, "Catfish" throws one hell of a curveball. This season has been by far one of the most scandalous ones to date.

Being so far in you would think people are reluctant to "Catfish" someone but that's just not the case. What will next week's episode of MTV's "Catfish" have in-store for viewers?