'Catfish' MTV: 'Ayissha & Sydney' Recap A Love Story Turned Mystery

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Last week's episode of MTV's "Catfish" was a little disappointing and quite frankly predictable, however, this week Nev Shulman and Max Joseph will help Ayissha figure out if she is being catfished by Sydney.

In episode 18 of season four, the "Catfish" team has to investigate Ayissha's (Facebook) catfish case when she reached out to them about Sydney (Instagram) a girl she met on Twitter. Ayissha Wright (Instagram) is a 22-year-old female from San Bernadino, CA who stumble upon Sydney (Facebook) another female from Houston, TX on Twitter and immediately thought she was cute. She also noticed that they had similar interests like tattoos and similar desires in life. Ayissha says that Sydney (Twitter) wrote to her one day and the relationship took off from there.

The relationship between the two was so deep that they couldn't go to sleep without talking to each other and they had endless texting sessions. As Joseph put it, they were "virtually" inseparable.

Impressively enough, they also wrote on each other's Facebook walls which is a pretty big thing in many relationships.

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Ayissha (Plenty of Fish) tells Joseph and Schulman she does believe that she and Sydney were in love. Things started falling apart when Ayissha tried to meet up with Sydney multiple times when she moved out to California. Sydney wouldn't agree and Ayissha started questioning the relationship which led to arguments over how Sydney could go without seeing/meeting her.

They broke up and Ayissha broke into a story about going out to a party and kissing another girl.

Cue Joseph's well-timed joke which included Katy Perry lyrics. Things get crazy because the same night Ayissha kissed another girl she received a text from Sydney which read, "I have a feeling...that you're somewhere you're not supposed to be."

The alarming feeling set in on Ayissha and she started to feel like she was being watched. Then, in another twist, Sydney admitted that she's not who Ayissha thinks she is. Sydney admitted her real name was Whitney and and sent another photo which seemed a lot more modest than her other photos.

Ayissha says she can't trust Sydney and she feels like there is something that won't let her go.

It's gotten to the point where Ayissha does feel like she is being stalked, however, she has a lot of love for Whitney. Schulman and Joseph are so taken back they can't refuse this case.

The guys fly out to San Bernadino to meet with Ayissha who goes over the entire story again. She says she was very comfortable with her and could tell her things she couldn't even tell her family. They had a very intimate relationship up until Whitney continued to dip out on meeting up. Ayissha says that there is twin brother that Sydney had.

The twin was harassing her saying that she could never compare to Sydney's exes. She was also hurt by other people who were saying horrible things to her by Sydney stood up for her.

Ayissha has an even darker story of dropping out of school after skipping out mid-terms for Sydney who lied about having an operation.

Sydney had Ayissha wrapped around her finger. The photos of Sydney and Whitney are very different and Ayissha though the transition was too smooth.

Ayissha did some snooping of her own and found out that the photo of Sydney is actually someone else. Ayissha is still holding on to hope and wants to get to know the real person who seems to be Whitney. The guys head out to do some snooping of their own. That being said, Joseph thinks that the person needs to be cut out of Ayissha's life because of the hold she has on her.

They sit down and get to work by searching for Whitney Shanice. They begin sending messages to friends of Whitney and notice she's been building up friends without posting to her profile.

They have the phone number and search it to find out that the phone number will bring them right to Whitney.

Schulman has a message from James and Eric who deny knowing Whitney. They realize that a lot of people on her profile were unaware that she was friends with them. Ayissha calls them up and tells Schulman and Joseph that Whitney is on to them and knows that they are talking to her friends.

Ayissha also says that Whitney has a pretty bad temper so she didn't say much else. The guys need to move quick but Schulman goes back for his phone and notices that there is a message identical to James and Eric from Markief.

All of the profiles they reached out to are actually more fake profiles created by Whitney.

The guys pull up at Ayissha's place and unload all of the information on a nervous Ayissha. Schulman reads the texts from Whitney who seems insanely angry. Joseph doesn't understand why Ayissha is feeling so attached to Whitney.

Ayissha can't explain it other than saying it's an uneasy feeling. They give her the rundown and reveal that the received a bunch of messages from the guys on Whitney's profile.

They reveal that some of her friends are actually her. Markeif in particular has 68 friends in common with her which means Whitney is also sending requests to Ayissha's friends.

Whitney Shanice Robinson seems to be the real name that Schulman and Joseph found and they are ready to contact her to see if she is will to meet. Ayissha wants answers and she agrees to the plan. They call her up and Whitney tells Schulman that she doesn't know why Ayissha is doing this.

Whitney says she doesn't have time to meet up and she's not going to do it. Schulman pushes a bit and Whitney says she's scared and so is Ayissha because she doesn't know who Whitney is.

Whitney agrees to meet and says they can go ahead she won't change her mind.

The journey begins to Houston, TX, Whitney's real location. They are scheduled to meet at a park near Whitney's house. Though Ayissha had some fun flying she's extremely nervous when it comes to the meeting day. Everyone is nervous because they don't know what Whitney looks like, what to expect or what she's capable of. They park the car and nervously walk around the park when Schulman sees a random person sitting under a gazebo.

Whitney looks nothing like her photos and admits that she has multiple fake profiles. She also admits to catfishing other profiles.

The questions pour in and Whitney said that she wasn't sure Ayissha would accept her. Whitney is dating someone now in her real form and only admitted to talking to other people while they were dating.

Ayissha is no longer scared instead, she shows how hurt she was and how angry she is that Whitney had so much control on her life. Whitney said she wanted to make herself look like a good girlfriend when she threatened her through other profiles. Schulman says that Whitney wasn't making life easy for Ayissha with the things she was saying.

He cites the hospital story which Whitney says she doesn't remember. Ayissha freaks out after that because Whitney is clearly lying and that was really the driving factor of Ayissha dropping out of school.

Whitney says because she lied so much she forgot exactly what she said. Ayissha is livid and walks back over to Whitney to try to get her to admit to the hospital lie. Ayissha tells Whitney that she really screwed up a big chunk of her life and when Schulman asks if Whitney has feelings for Ayissha she says she really does. Whitney says she is dealing with problems because coming out as a lesbian was very hard.

She told the crew that people tried to beat it out of her and she went to the internet to find acceptance. Whitney is very emotional and says she came out to apologize to Ayissha but Joseph tells her that she was so wrapped up in her issues, she was passing a lot of negativity onto others.

Ayissha tells Whitney she needs to think about what she did before she can tell her she's sorry. They schedule a second meet for the next day.

At the last meeting, Ayissha is expecting genuine feelings of regret. Whitney says that in her sophomore year she was thrown, kicked and punched as pressure to date guys. This is what led her to create fake profiles. Whitney says that the fact that Ayissha continued to talk to her made her want to continue to talk to her. She also admits that she was jealous that Ayissha was out and people loved her but she struggled during her coming out.

Whitney does generally look to be regretful for what she did and says because Ayissha cared so much she couldn't let her go. Ayissha accepts her apology and tells Whitney she is a great person. Ayissha even tells her not to be too hard on herself because she did bring a lot of happiness to her life.

Ayissha says Whitney doesn't have any control over her anymore. Things ended on a much better note.

Ayissha is back in school and she's friends with someone new. She hasn't talked to Whitney since meeting and feels like a weight has been lifted. Whitney is enlisting in the Navy and she's done with her fake profiles.

Ayissha and Sydney/Whitney's relationship is a perfect example of when you fall really hard for someone and can't let go. It also highlights how hard trying to move away from that person can be and how obsessive things can get.

It's funny that people are still being catfished despite the shows existence, however, it does make for some compelling reality television. You can catch more of MTV's "Catfish" Wednesday's at 10 PM EST.