'Catfish' MTV: 'Andria & David' Recap A Shocking Catfish Reveal

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While Nev Schulman and Max Joseph met a "Catfish" that didn't stop hurting people in last weeks episode, this week the guys have to help Andria find out if her 10 year relationship with David is all one big "Catfish" mistake.

In episode 17 of season four, the "Catfish" crew has to help investigate an e-mail they received from Andria (Facebook) out of St. Louis, MO. Andria has been in a relationship with David from Chicago, IL for 10 years after meeting him on a social networking site called Bebo. What makes it even worst is the fact that she met David Walker when she was just 12-years-old and the relationship despite being such a long one doesn't entice David to want to try harder to meet with her. Whenever Andria brings up meeting and a date is set, David always makes an excuse or cancels and now, Andria says she wants answers.

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Andria and David would talk on the phone and text each other after meeting on Bebo. She says the two have talked every day for 10 years and have developed strong feelings for each other which would in turn make her devastated if she found out she was being catfished.

Schulman and Joseph decide to take the trip to meet up with Andria and find out more about the relationship she has with David.

They arrive at Andria's first place and congratulate her as well as break the apartment in with some funny moments.

When the fun and games are over they sit down with Andria who told them talking to someone at the age of 12 was exciting and that David is the first person she ever said "I love you" to. She has given and continued to give all of her love to David despite never actually meeting him in real life and hopes to always have him in real life. Andria tells the story about a visit where David was supposed to see her on Christmas. She says that David told her he was pulled over while on his way and arrested for contraband in his car.

She also revealed that David is on house arrest. Even more devastating is the fact that Andria stopped going to school because David was suppose to get her so that the two could start a life together.

This raises a big red flag with Joseph and Schulman because Andria is putting her life on hold for someone she's never met in person.

When Andria threatened to put David on Catfish, she received a photo of a woman whose name is Christina a.k.a. Geo Stain. She admitted to being a female and said she's sorry that she hurt her. Andria didn't really believe the photos she got and showed Schulman and Joseph a letter one that's very deep and the other pretty dirty. The guys get the feeling the person wants to be found and wants to appear on the show.

She plays a voicemail that was left and the guys said they think David could be a woman. Andria doesn't want to believe it at all but the guys are trying to get her to prepare herself for that possibility.

This will prove even more devastating later on.

Deep down it feels like Andria knows the truth and honestly the voicemail does sound like a female with a deep voice. The guys head back to start doing some digging to find out if David is real and whether or not he is a male or female behind the photo. They start by giving a bit of a recap on the situation. David won't Skype or video chat and asked Andria to drop out.

Then when she threatened David he sent photos of Christina. They have all of the return addresses but the search David Walker's cell number first.

That's inconclusive however when they search the email address they found Geo Stain's profile. They are 100 percent sure that Geo or Christina is David and Andria will have to come to terms with it.

The guys call Andria and they head over to break the horrible news to her. They also meet Camille one of Andria's long time friends who has been an eyewitness to everything that David put Andria through. Andria once had over 30 missed calls and when the guys bring up Christina, both Camille and Andria don't believe it could be her. That is until they reveal the information they found confirming that Geo Stain is Christina who is David.

Andria is completely broken up and emotional. She doesn't know how to put words into what she found out and continues to break down.

Andria says she was always honest and she doesn't understand. Joseph tries to humanize the feelings of Christina but adds that she hasn't been honest about who she is.

Schulman says that meeting the person is something they might help her move on. Andria says that she is cool with Schulman contacting Christina and telling her that they know what's going on. Christina asks to call Schulman back and he continues to press Christina tell her that Andria really wants to meet the person she's been talking to for years.

Christina says she has to think about it and Schulman tells her she needs to get back to him soon. He then relays the message to Andria and how Christina was a bit freaked out about the idea of meeting.

Schulman the pulls the surprise attack and says since they have the address they don't need to wait for Christina's confirmation. They decide that they will be seeing Christina whether she likes it or not.

When they arrive in Chicago, they receive a text from Christina agreeing to meet up but she says it won't be easy. When they pull up to the house, Schulman walks up the steps and knocks on the door. They wait a bit and Christina opens the door and steps out of her house. The meeting is incredibly awkward but Joseph and Schulman try to make it a bit more serious.

They ask Christina to tell the story that started out as a $25 bet. Christina says she's always been attracted to females and accepts that she's done Christina is wrong and lied about house arrest.

Christina said the relationship was just a bond, someone she could get away and talk to as a friend.

Andria got agitated when Christina said she wasn't in love with her. She told Christina that she doesn't believe there was no connection because of Christina's voicemails. Joseph snaps a bit and gets pretty defensive of Andria.

He says Christina is being childish and heartless. Christina drops another bomb by saying that Andria lied to her by telling her she was into females, specifically a white female.

When Schulman says they should call it a day and talk tomorrow, Christina says there is no reason to.

The guys check on Andria the next day and Schulman says he doesn't think anything good can come from the two of them staying in contact. They call Christina and she is a bit reluctant to talk with Andria. She continues to hold up on the story that Andria was lying to her as well.

Joseph asks Andria to admit to whether or not she made a Myspace profile of someone else, which she confirmed.

She admitted to creating another page with a fake photo and it looks like she has something to be a bit guilty about as well.

They guys seem confused and exhausted and Schulman says the final meeting should be a means to an end.

At the final meeting the guys want Andria to use this as a learning experience. They sit down with Christina and Andria starts off by admitting she had some fault. She said she wanted to meet her because she gave her most of her life. Christina apologizes but she doesn't expect Andria's apology.

Christina says she was just pretending and neither of them will agree on how they got to this point. Joseph is frustrated by Christina's technicalities and says that the only reason she stayed is because she had no one else.

Joseph says he thinks Christina twists everything around so she doesn't look guilty. The entire thing was just one back and forth and it was even exhausting to watch.

Andria is back in school pursuing social-work and said that Christina sent a long message apologizing for what she said on the show. It's the same cycle over again and Christina is just continuing to play mind games.

Christina lies straight to the guys faces when they ask her if she's made contact with Andria after the show.

It's hard to imagine giving someone 10 years of your life just to find out that they aren't who they say they are.

What's pretty dangerous about this episode is the fact that at such a young age, someone can be caught up with another person that can completely alter the course of their life.

Yet another shocking episode of MTV's "Catfish." You can catch more of MTV's "Catfish" Wednesday's at 10 PM EST.