'Catfish' MTV: 'Alyssa & Vince' Recap, the Catfish Stalker

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This season on MTV's Catfish, fans have seen some pretty new extremes for catfishers. In this episode, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have the task of trying to help Vince get rid of his Catfish stalker Alyssa.

Schulman and Joseph receive a message from Vince (Facebook) who explains that Alyssa is responsible for breaking up his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. It looks like there is a destructive Catfish at work.

The guys call up Vince who has just gone through a breakup. They ask him to explain his current predicament.

Vince says he and Alyssa started talking in 2013 and everything was fine for about six months. He tells Schulman and Joseph that Alyssa became controlling and when he tried to visit her she kept making excuses.

Vince says Alyssa claims she lives in Indiana which is a three hour drive from Ohio. After Alyssa and Vince broke up he started talking to Liz (Facebook), his current ex.

Vince and Liz were dating for about a year and a half and he is still madly in love with her. Alyssa started contacting him and telling him that she still loved him and wants to be with him. Vince says he was giving her the hint and said he had a girlfriend.

He says that Alyssa started harassing him, calling him at odd hours in the night. Schulman asks why Vince didn't get a new number and he says that he did but Alyssa got it somehow.

Joseph realizes thats Alyssa is basically stalking Vince. He says the harassment continued and because Alyssa was still in the picture, Liz felt like she could trust him and that is what broke them up.

Later on in the show the guys sit down with Liz and hear her side of the story. The Vince and see if they can get him back together with Liz.

They decide to head out to Ohio to meet with Vince. They arrive and Vince gives them a little more information on how Liz broke up with him.

He says Liz believed he was going behind her back and being unfaithful. Vince wants to fix the relationship with Liz because he really loves her. Schulman asks Vince to go over the story once again.

Vince forgave Alyssa the first time she decided not to meet up. However, the second time, Alyssa's mom passed away from breast cancer.

He says Alyssa was also diagnosed with cancer. He says Liz's cousin Miranda was helping to keep him updated. Vince started to break things off when Alyssa started controlling who he talked to on Facebook.

Vince lost Liz because Alyssa was relentless in trying to get to Vince. He shows the guys some photos and they say they would like to talk to Liz and also have all of the information he has on Alyssa.

The guys sit down to do their investigation and rehash the story thus far. The guys call Liz first but they get her voicemail. They leave her a message and start with Alyssa's Facebook page.

They get a lead when Alyssa is wearing a Sacramento sweatshirt. They also see a photo of Alyssa lying next to a grave.

They search the photos and realize that Alyssa is married and someone might be using her profile. They also see Alyssa's message about self harming to the public and ask to reach out.

They find Miranda easily as the phone number for Alyssa belongs to her.

The real Alyssa calls in to say that she isn't surprised by this and her photos have been used before. Alyssa denies knowing anyone in Cincinnati and denies knowing Miranda.

They guys ask Alyssa if she is still dealing with self-harm, however, Alyssa says when she met her husband, he showed her that it is not the way.

The guys get a message from Liz and she tells them she can meet at a coffee shop in the morning. They believe that whoever Vince is talking to is Miranda.

When the guys meet with Liz tells them that she an Vince were friends first but Alyssa wouldn't get out of his life. Liz says that Alyssa was always in the relationship like a third person.

She didn't understand why Alyssa was still in the relationship and would see explicit text message that were being sent to Vince.

Liz then says that Alyssa's cousin Miranda got involved and started asking her how her relationship with Vince was going. Liz says she ended that conversation right there.

She then revealed that the entire time she was dating Vince, she had no idea that he had never met Alyssa and that Vince lied to her the entire time.

Liz says that Vince told he that he actually met with Alyssa and that he went to her aunt's house. Liz says she loves Vince she is just disappointed.

Schulman says there is a stigma with people being ashamed of talking about a relationship with someone online. He says Vince must be hurt more than he is leading on and Liz shouldn't write him off.

The guys head over to Vince's house next and are trying to get to the bottom of this story to heal Vince and Liz of the pain they are going through. They arrive at his house and tells Vince what they learned.

Vince admits that it was true that Liz had no idea that Alyssa and him had never really met. Vince says he was embarrassed and he should not have lied.

Next, the guys go over the evidence that they have found. Vince had never looked closely at the photo of Alyssa at the gravesite. He has never heard of the real Alyssa who is actually married.

They tell Vince that he is not talking to Alyssa. They show him the video of Alyssa revealing that her photos have been used before. Vince needs to take a break when he is overcome with emotions.

Vince is visited by Schulman who tells him not to feel bad that someone lied to him. Vince says he really wants to know who the person really is. They go back inside and show Vince the evidence that leads back to Miranda.

Vince says he would like to confront Miranda and find out why she lied to him. Schulman elects to give Miranda a call but when she answers, she answers as Alyssa.

Schulman tells Miranda he is with Catfish, trying to help Vince. Schulman tells Miranda that he knows she is not Alyssa meanwhile, inside, Vince is feeling stupid.

Miranda asks if he broke up with his girlfriend and doesn't understand why he needs to see her if he is still with Liza.

Vince looks a little strange inside when he says he now knows he never had a shot with Alyssa. Miranda does in fact agree to meet them.

Vince says he can't wait to meet Miranda and tell her she sits on a throne of lies. When they arrive Miranda sends him a message and tells him they can meet her in the morning.

The guys all prepare themselves to meet Miranda. They hop in the van and make their way towards the house.

They arrive at the house and jump out to finally confront Miranda. The entire place is boarded up and Schulman goes up to knock on the door. The windows are all blacked out but Miranda answers the door and comes out to meet Vince.

Vince has a weird smile on his face when Miranda walks out. He asks her why she led him on and she says it was hard to talk to someone as herself.

She says she didn't do any of this to hurt him.

Vince says she also hurt Liz. Miranda says that she felt bad and that's why she agreed to meet. Miranda did not have cancer and her mother did not pass away from cancer.

Miranda says she tried to break into the relationship between Vince and Liz because Vince is not innocent. Miranda has text messages from Vince that are explicit and they were sent while he was dating Liz.

Vince has now been caught in his own lie and says whatever. Joseph says it's not whatever and the guys tells him not to pretend that he is holier than any other guy.

Joseph feels strongly about it and Vince says he is making him look like an a**hole. Joseph says Vince was looking for something on the side.

The guys decide to go back to the hotel and Vince is not happy with the way he was portrayed. Vince says he understands he messed up.

Joseph says if he really loves someone, he shouldn't do anything to compromise that.

The guys call Vince the next day to chat and Vince says he slept on what happened. He says he is man enough to admit he made some mistakes.

Vince says he admitted his mistake to Liz who doesn't want him in her life anymore.

He does not want to be present talking to Miranda because it wouldn't be worth it to him at all. They say their final goodbyes.

The guys head over to talk to Miranda for a bit. Joseph says they want to know her full story with all of Vince aside. Miranda says going through school she was picked on a lot for being fat.

She says she was talking to another guy who cried when he found out she was lying to him. She says she doesn't mean to hurt anybody. Schulman pushes back a little to help Miranda identify the problem.

They want her to find an alternative way to make herself happy because she will continue to do it. Miranda breaks down and says that nobody cares to see what it's like.

Miranda says in her head she is reading the messages as someone she is not and it makes her feel better. She says it is so bad, she contacted a guy in Miami from Snapchat for plastic surgery.

Schulman moves over to sit with Miranda and tells her she shouldn't trust a sketchy guy in Miami. He says she shouldn't try to change herself because someone will love her for who she is. They tell her about Alyssa's story to add a little perspective.

They tell Miranda that everyone sees themselves differently and that Miranda is becoming the people that teased her. Miranda vows to change her ways.

The guys reach out to Miranda who is done with catfishing. The show could not contact Vince. However, they call Liz who says she has cut Vince off. She is talking to somebody else already.

MTV's Catfish continues to show just how deep some people go in order to ruin the lives of others.

There were also some pretty intense twists that we didn't really see coming. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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