'Catfish' Recap, Alex and Andrea Russett (Spoilers)

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Tonight's new Catfish episode is about YouTube star Andrea Russett and a guy named Alex. All stars have impersonators, but one Andrea Russett impersonator knows a little too much.

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This Catfish episode, starts with YouTube star Andrea Russett asking her fans what to do about an impersonator.

This isn't a regular impersonator, though -- this person is impersonating Andrea's entire family -- and not just her family. Andrea ends up getting in touch with Nev and Max, and they decide to take the case.

Nev and Max fly out to LA to meet Andrea. At her house, Andrea tells the guys the story of how she became a YouTube star after her Justin Bieber video went viral. She says within the first year, she already had impersonators, but as the years went on, it has become more and more of a problem.

She also discusses having a stalker who found her parents at church and at their office, and she thinks that the stalkers may be connected to the impersonator. The impersonator's accounts contain information about where Andrea works and lives, fake likes of each others' accounts, and more.

Nev decides to try emailing all of the fake accounts.

Immediately, the team gets a call from a guy named Jared. Jared says he knows Anna Russett through someone named Arden, who happens to be Andrea's best friend. Apparently, he's talked to Arden several times.

He says that he originally got a friend request from Arden, and that he's spoken to her on the phone. He gives the team Arden's (not the real Arden) phone number. They locate the phone number in Georgia.

They then get a message from a musician named Alex Gresham. Alex says he used to be close to the Russetts, and that he talked to Andrea (and the rest of the family) online.

He said he and Andrea were (sort of) dating, and talking about going on trips together. He never met any of them in person, however. Here he is:

Alex explains: "Andrea" would constantly try to FaceTime with Alex, but every time they tried, the computer would get disconnected. He did talk to her on the phone, however, and knew the voice sounded different from that of the YouTube star.

Alex then started getting contacted by all of the fake Russetts -- starting with Andrea's "sister" hitting on him, and then Andrea's "ex-boyfriend" threatening him, and more. He eventually stopped responding, but he definitely wants to know what happened.

The guys take Alex to see the real Andrea, and he explains his story. They decide to call the numbers they got, and a young woman named "Zoie" picks up, saying her name is Andrea.

The woman hesitates, and then admits that she's the fake Andrea. Zoie agrees to meet with the guys after some dithering.

The guys decide to go to meet Zoie, who is in Atlanta, and they take Andrea and Alex. Zoie comes out and starts off by saying sorry to Andrea.

She says it's not personal -- "I was being selfish and I didn't care." She tells the group that her intention was to be able to connect with people.

She found Andrea by Googling "pretty Tumblr girl," but when people suggested her account was fake, she said she needed to add the other family members to make it more real.

Zoie says she talked to three other guys besides Alex. Zoie says she's sorry for what happened, but the guys think she sounds "rehearsed," so Nev goes to talk to her alone.

Inside the house, Zoie is sobbing. She tries to calm down, but she says she finally understands what she has done.

She decides to talk to Alex and Andrea again. The second time, she is full of emotion, and she's upset, saying "it's hard for me to open up to people." She tells Alex that he changed her life -- all she ever knew about guys was abuse.

Her ex was an alcoholic and abusive; he got her pregnant, and she miscarried. That's when she started to be Andrea. She says that Alex helped her have self-respect, and she became confident enough to break up with her ex.

Alex says he still is willing to talk to Zoie and he forgives her, and Andrea says she's glad that the whole thing is over. Zoie then deletes the profiles, and starts to move on.

You can watch Catfish every Wednesday on MTV, or you can watch full episodes online.

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