Catfish Drama: Military Jeff & Megan Blue-Eyed Blonde

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Nev and Max are back at this week with Jeff, a military man who fell in love online with a girl named Megan, who he described as a 'typical dallas cowboys cheerleader'.

Now besides a previous episode with hot Antoinette, most of the time attractive normal people, especially girls, do not develop an anonymous online relationship. But here we go again and #catfish trends on Twitter during the entire episode.

Jeff describes himself as shy, so it makes sense he may connect to an online relationship. Though he did send her a "Richard" Pic, which is much classier than saying 'Dick Pic'.

The red flag from this one? No reciprocation of nudity with her face in the picture.

No matter, the caveat with this episode is that because Jeff is in the military, he can't jump on a plane to meet her. So Nev and Max need to get her to come to them.

So Jeff comes across as super clueless, but then again you'd sort of have to be to get yourself in this predicament. The saddest part is that he works in 'technology' for the military. Anyways moving on, Max goes by himself to confront the catfish, which is a show first, seems like they are just trying to keep things fresh. Max goes to her house and.....

a different girl, a 'shapely' girl named Brandy. Another sob story from the catfish and what seems strange is why she would pretend to be someone else.

She is not bad looking and could probably do very well if she was just herself.

Brandy is not the type of personality to hate, it's just a shame she didn't feel confident in herself. As for our military man Jeff, he is willing to get to know Brandy for who she is.

And lastly, I hope I am not the only one thinking this, but doesn't it seem like Nev and Max might be dating? They both seem to fit some of the stereotypes and they have tend to have weird moments together.

Am I the only one who sees it?