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AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik crafts depictions of religious entities, totems that play with a taxidermist and cultural ritual inspirations to create eye-catching sculptures:

Eloy Morales

Do you believe these are paintings? Hyperrealism from artist Eloy Morales:

Shocking "during" and "after" shows Morales' incredible talent:



Eduardo Kobra and his majestic murals

Eduardo Kobra is a Brazilian street artist from Sao Paulo; a master of murals, he combines different techniques like traditional brush-work, airbrushing and spray guns to create majestic works that stretch the limits of classification. His talent was born in various areas around his home-city in 1987 and since then he never stopped: streets, walls, everything can become a canvas to Kobra. His paintings stand out for the chromatic strokes and the enormous dimensions.
His art explores topics like the fight against pollution, global warming, deforestation and war, also sometimes including the representation of some popular icons, going from the father of the city of Sao Paulo, Oscar Niemeyer, to the 'great thinker' Albert Einstein.

Jim Denevan: Sand-Art Like You've Never Seen

Hailing from Californian is artist, chef and surfer Jim Denevan. With a nod to sacred geometry and a metaphysical undercurrent, walking for miles under the sun he uses as "brushes" wooden sticks found among the sand; his canvases are the enormous beaches of California. His works can be found in locations both deserted or packed with people.
Covering thirty miles, spending seven hours dedicated at a time (or more) to his chosen medium Jim creates monumental works visible in their integrity only from many metres of height, and tantalizingly ephemeral because they're destined to exist only for few hours, before the sea and wind completely erase them. These drawings are often placed in zones well defined in an undefined environment. If seen from far away, they become part of the landscape, like the clouds, rivers or buildings. All of his works are made entirely by hand, without the use of any instrument of measure.
He even holds the Guinness world record for creating the largest artwork in history, placed on the lake of Baikal in Siberia and commissioned by The Anthropologist.
His art has a short life, much like a Buddhist Mandala, destined to be stepped on by the feet of admirers and surfers, but it can remain immortal thanks to photographs, keeping their hauntingly spiritual and ritual meaning alive for posterity

Nikola Basic

Architects are artists too; Croatian art installation from architect Nikola Basic is available for the public to interact with as both an art piece and public attraction. However, the project is not just a beautiful addition to the urban landscape, but an innovative one as well. The piece, entitled "Sun Salutation", is constructed from three hundred photo-voltaic glass plates that light up as the sun descends on the horizon, illuminating the night with dancing patterns of lights. The solar energy of the sun powers the project as well as the surrounding waterfront area where it is housed. Creations such as Basic's exemplify a new and hopefully upcoming standard of energy efficiency in art, as well as sustainable design in public urban areas.

The Magic Paper Birds of Diana Beltran Herrera

Currently obtaining her MA in England, Diana Beltran Herrera is a vibrant artist born in Bogota, Colombia. One look at her work tells you that she is all about capturing the motion and emotion of nature. The biography on her website distills her vision as such: "Herrera's work seeks to explore the chillingly disengaged relationship between humans and nature in modern society. Using paper as her primary medium she is able to present notions of temporality and change, emphasising the process of transformation that continuously occur in nature as well as mankind."