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Video Art: Duality A Mural Project

DUALITY, a mural project by Mateo from MATEO Street Art on Vimeo.

From street artist Mateo: Duality project is about repetition, we know that stencil is a common tool to be quick and repeat a design in the streets.
I wanted to push the concept further, as repetition causes a different feeling, on this one : perpetual motion and sort of balance.
Since the character remains the same we can see balance of the body and also spirit. See more of Mateo at

Advice for becoming a serious artist

Young artists always have a universal question: How do I become a full time artist?

You could come up with a number of different answers to it, but the best is "I don't know". The reality is that artists more often than not need a paying job, and have to find alternative forms of income in order to pay the bills (and go out for sushi). One common one, of course, is teaching.