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The Glitch Mob to Perform at Coachella for 2nd Year

There's no denying 2014 is going to be the year of The Glitch Mob.

After months of conjecture and online rumours, the legendary instrumentalist/producer trio, comprised of Justin Boreta (aka Boreta), Ed Ma (aka edIT) and Joshua Mayer (aka Ooah), just announced one of 2014's most anticipated electronic music albums, Love Death Immortality, to be released on their own Glass Air Records.

Gold Lake's Newest Video Release

Love and respect for Amnesty International and all the work they do.

Amnesty International, is a constant reference when it comes to looking out for Human Rights. Gold Lake, having always been a fan of Amnesty International's efforts and work, had been wanting to find a way of helping raise awareness within their humble possibilities. That's why, after asking Amnesty International what they thought Gold Lake could do to add their grain of sand, together they came to the conclusion that it would be a great idea to record a cover of one of their all-time favorite songs, with friends who play in amazing bands, and then have that video reach as many young music fans as possible in order to bring them closer to Amnesty International's message and perhaps to knowing a little more about the problems that many lesser privileged people have around the world.

Objects to Place and Other Stories

Who says that the best American galleries should be located in Chelsea, New York?

Some of the most interesting galleries in the world are located in small towns or suburbs and, nevertheless, they offer the most innovative products which, drawing on a less commercial sensitivity, although in part bound to the marketability of the art works, end up rising to emblems of the most refined aesthetic taste.
Converge Gallery is a small American entrepreneurial made possible by the desire to transcend the boundaries of the physical and metaphysical concept of art and result in a kind of art business that is meant to be in constant tension or motion, as an intellectual bridge between society and representation.
One of the objectives of Converge Gallery is to perpetuate the ambition of making new, alternate realities coexist and provide a cultural contribution to an increasingly demanding local community.
On January, 9th 2014, the gallery spaces have been redefined to accommodate the solo exhibition "Objects to place", that stars the American artist Chad Andrews, with his recognizable style, which revolves around various printing techniques and the recurring themes that are known to frequently appear in his works: of course, they are intended to tell a story that, flowing from the individual vision, would materialize in a product featured by both changing content and changing surface (the color of the surface is, in fact, meant to change according to the light, while the content is meant to change according to the not only cultural, but also visual and perceptive baggage of the viewer, invitated to come up with the proper "intuitions").