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IBM Develops Computer Chip that thinks like a Human's Brain

Its only a matter of time until they become self - aware and we have a terminator style apocalypse.

All jokes aside, Daily Mail reports that IBM has created a computer chip called "True North" that is able to think like a human and figure out solutions to problems on its own. The chip has 1 million "neurons" which would allow an extremely powerful computer to be made that is a fraction of the size of current models. More specifically the chip is about the size of a stamp which means cell phones may soon be more powerful than your computer.

Cars with Keyless Entry in danger, allow theives to hack system

In the 80's and 90's breaking into cars was fairly easy for a skilled thief, it still is.

Many movies scenes show car thieves sticking coat hangers down inside the car's door in order to get at the locking mechanism and open the door. From there, the thief would have to rip open the car's ignition panel and hot wire the car by crossing certain wires together. This entire process could be accomplished relatively quickly if done by someone with a bit of experience. Soon automakers began developing more complex systems (auto - lock, alarm systems, etc.) and added micro chips to keys which resulted in it being much harder to make duplicates. As cars became more advanced computers took over operating everything including the locks and in came the keyless entry system.