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He-Man Characters Back For New Comic

He-Man fans will rejoice on Wednesday, December 17 with the launch of HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR. This is the third maxi-series from DC Comics and Mattel, the partnership continues the long standing history of He-Man, an 80's pop culture icon. HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR takes the series to an all-new level with matchups and team-ups never before seen in He-Man lore - and all of Eternia is at stake including the beloved Castle Grayskull.

Tout Launches Programmatic Video Content Exchange

Tout, a leading online video network, has launched a programmatic video content exchange.

The Tout Programmatic Video Content Exchange taps into Tout's patented video data-annotation technology, originally developed at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) to establish contextual matches between text-based news articles across the web and relevant video that covers the same topic or story. The Tout platform analyzes hundreds of thousands of articles across its publisher partner ecosystem and once a match is established, the technology dynamically inserts a video embed into the body of the article.