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Can A Twitter User Really Be Jailed For Sending A Flashing Image?

The last 24 hours haven't been great for reporter Kurt Eichenwald. After a combative interview with Fox News, Eichenwald went on Twitter to make his case. However, in the process he upset several Trump supporters -- one of whom sent him a flashing image. Now, Eichenwald is claiming that the flashing image spurred an epileptic siezure and that he plans to press charges against the sender...but can he do that?

What is a Blocker Car? NYPD Uses Special Vehicles For Parade Protection

Today's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a huge event for hundreds of thousands of people, and millions more watch the parade from their homes. But given the international climate of recent terror attacks, the NYPD has been working overtime to keep the parade safe. To that end, they've implemented a new technique: "blocker cars." So what are blocker cars?

What is a Sweat Bed? Selena Gomez's Secret Weight Loss Technique

Ah, the things celebrities do to remain beautiful! We often hear celebrities regaling the media with tales of cupping (we can thank Gwyneth Paltrow for that one), tanning, pilates, and just about every possible technique out there that whips you into shape. But a burrito sweat bed? Now that's a new one. Selena Gomez made an appearance recently at the American Music Awards and told the media about some unusual efforts that her trainer has made to keep her healthy and one of them has been a burrito sweat bed! So what exactly is a burrito sweat bed and what does it do for you?