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Why SEO Experts Suck

Have you ever been to the hairdresser? If you have, then you know that the firs thing the hairdresser always asks is "Who cut your hair the last time?" Hopefully, the answer isn't "You!." But kidding aside, the importance of consulting an "expert" is that they often have to point out the inferiority of the baseline status. This, way, the bar is being set lower and the service that has to be provided doesn't have to measure up as much as you'd need it to.

How the Google Top Stories Algorithm Change Is Killing Small Publishers

Have you looked at the Alexa rankings for a variety of sites in the past year? If so, you've probably noticed that large news and entertainment sites such as The New York Times or Us Magazine online have captured a majority of traffic and in doing so, have managed to take away the captive audiences that small publishers used to have. But how did this happen? SEO experts will tell you that your content isn't good enough and that you need to meet certain "quality" standards to get into the "top stories" carousel. But this just isn't true and simply isn't supported by the facts of the case.

Why Did Trump Get So Many Twitter Bots To Follow Him This Week?

According to numerous reports, Donald Trump's Twitter account has grown by millions of followers in recent days. Previously, Trump's Twitter growth was relatively steady. So it's interesting to see such dramatic growth over such a short period of time. But what's more interesting is the fact that the vast majority of these new followers are apparently bots, based on their username and profile -- fake computerized followers. So what's going on?