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GOP Greg Gianforte Gets Record Donations After Assaulting Reporter Before Election

Tomorrow is the special election for the single Montana U.S. House of Representatives seat, and as campaigning was winding down for both the Democrat and the Republican candidates, something unbelievable happened: according to multiple reports, Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate, assaulted a reporter by "body slamming" him.

Watch Racist Woman At Wal-Mart Call Woman "N----r", Tell Other To Leave Country

A video is going around the Internet this morning of an incident at Wal-Mart that occurred yesterday, May 22. In the incident, an angry woman gets into a fight with a Latina woman who says she's trying to get her medicine off the shelf. The angry woman starts telling her to leave the country, and when another woman gets involved, she calls that woman the "n" word.

Anthony Weiner Made A Lot Of Money Off You, Before His Sexting Arrest

Anthony Weiner today pled guilty to one count of obscenity, after he had spent years talking to underage girls and sending inappropriate photos of himself under the nickname "Carlos danger". But there is no need to cry for Mr. Weiner, as he is made plenty of money off of the taxpayers through lobbying and other politically connected activities.