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Trumpsanity Today: Devin Nunes Using Your Tax $ To Do Own Investigation, Assange Hires Racist, CNN Calls Trump 'Pathological Liar'

In today's Trumpsanity news:

  • House Republican Devin Nunes, who was supposed to have recused himself from the Trump/Russia investigation for 1) being involved, and 2) covering for Trump with the unmasking BS, is using your tax dollars to fund his own staff members doing their own investigation.
  • Julian Assange has now gone full Alt-Right. The guy who made a name for himself by shedding light on U.S. murders of civilians in Iraq is now not only Hannity's best friend -- he's also offering the racist/sexist guy who was fired from Google a job. I wonder what Hannity would think about the fact that he supported Iraqis.
  • CNN's Brian Stelter has finally admitted it: Trump is a pathological liar: