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Oxana Fedorova/Oxana Federova: Who Is She And How Does She Relate To Donald Trump?

Seth Abramson, a well known investigator and attorney, posted a very interesting thread today, which focuses on a new character who may be related to Trump-Russia. Abramson's new target: a woman named Oxana Fedorova (Abramson appears to misspell her name as Oxana Federova), who won the Miss Universe pageant in 2002 and former mistress of Vladimir Putin.

Would Trump Nuke 25 Million People To Distract His Base? It's No Longer A Crazy Question

The moment Donald Trump won the presidency, the thing that popped into my mind was: what would happen if he was backed into a corner? Over the early weeks of the presidency, I spoke with a lot of people in government and the media about that, and they insisted that I was crazy to even posit the question. "He's not insane!" "The institutions will always hold up."