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After Saying DACA Kids Are 'Criminals' And Need Deportation, Kobach Appears To Commit Crime Himself

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach spent the day yesterday making the rounds on TV suggesting that many (if not most) DACA recipients are criminals. Even through the vast majority (like > 99%) haven't been convicted of any crime, he insisted that they're still criminals because some of them (he didn't have any numbers) may have been arrested and not prosecuted.

With Celebs Giving Millions To Harvey Relief, Where's Donald Trump's Billions?

With the onslaught of hurricane Harvey, millions of people across America have given money to the Red Cross and other organizations to support relief. And celebs across the country aren't holding back, with giant multi-million dollar donations to the relief effort. But one famous and wealthy person seems to be absent from the list of people donating. That's the President himself, Donald Trump.

Oxana Fedorova/Oxana Federova: Who Is She And How Does She Relate To Donald Trump?

Seth Abramson, a well known investigator and attorney, posted a very interesting thread today, which focuses on a new character who may be related to Trump-Russia. Abramson's new target: a woman named Oxana Fedorova (Abramson appears to misspell her name as Oxana Federova), who won the Miss Universe pageant in 2002 and former mistress of Vladimir Putin.