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Why Art Is More Important Than Math

OK, time to piss off some mathematicians and those always pushing for math and science.

I find it incredibly interesting that the arts are the first thing on the chopping block at schools with lagging budgets. I am aware of the importance of math.. to figure out change of a dollar and figure out how many big macs you can eat. However, advanced math is utterly useless when it comes to real life application. Unless of course you are an engineer, but as a trained architect I choose to ignore engineers.

Is Art For Everyone?

Dreamers..... its something we deep down inside, actually are. But our dreams are even more closer to reality than we even know. It is our distant thoughts of doubt which seem to always flood our souls and continuously fight with our hearts and minds almost every time. We are all special and we all hold hidden talents and artistic values that we may not recognize or feel we are worthy of displaying.