Opinions and Editorials

Anti-Social Media.

I'll sub tweet my feelings when the person that I speak of follows me. I'll update my Facebook status about a crush when I'm standing across from her in the club. I'll text when I really want to talk. I'll like all of her Instagram pictures instead of telling that person how I feel or sometimes I won't like the pictures to risk looking "thirsty". Sometimes I'll reserve my feelings with fear of them ending up as a screenshot. Instead of taking a walk outside to meet people; the bar scene or anywhere for that matter, I'd rather take a gander at the pond. I'd rather take rejection through the screen instead of trying my luck anywhere else. I don't think I'm the only that does this. If you pay close attention you can see that the youth doesn't even know how to communicate face to face the way we did; or even express themselves. In the adult world we've gotten to a place where the new bar scene is behind the laptop. Sad? Or the new way of doing things. I began feeling like maybe I should be grateful that I have thousands of friends on Facebook, a hundred plus followers and I get a lot of retweets. I had a conversation with a friend on the phone the other day about how we used to put on our best wears and most expensive sneakers to parade the mall every weekend, equipped with enlarged egos and pieces of paper with 2 or more pens so we can get the numbers of every girl passing. Now a relationship can bloom simply from a "like" on Instagram. Call it crazy or call it the future. I don't think I'm odd because sometimes I love hours of long, hot, steamy text. It just seems so much easier than being displeased and having to jumping in a cab and head in a different direction.
One of my female friends started a relationship that she met from a prominent dating site (that I told her of). And things were going great. They've been on a couple dates and she felt it was time for her partner to meet her old fashioned parents who didn't believe in online dating. But what does she tell them when the "where did you guys meet" question presents itself at the dinner table? We brainstormed for hours til eureka! It hit me like a direct message on twitter. The grocery store! Seems like a place where you can just bump into someone. I was torn. I felt awesome for coming up with the result but horrible for creating such a lie. But who was I kidding? Its what you have to do when beginning your journey of un-sticking yourself of this world wide web. Pretty soon the grocery won't be able to be the excuse, thanks to online grocery shopping. Matter of fact, they offer everything online. You can pick fruits and pick your friends. And some of which will be sour but Just log on and keep picking. Just be careful. Slow your scroll. And always remember anything done in the dark will come online.

TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 1 "A Problem House"

Jesse Spencer, best known as Dr. Robert Chase on House, (my all time favorite show) was the reason I decided to give Chicago Fire a chance in the first place. Throw in Monica Raymund (Ria Torres in Lie to Me), who I find to be insanely talented, and you have me intrigued. Starting off, the show did well enough for me to continue watching. However, very quickly Chicago Fire changed from a show that I would tell friends "you could do a lot worse" when they asked which shows they should watch next, to a must see every week. Things just started to click. The was a lot of high stakes movie quality action, with very little CGI - which I appreciated. For the most part, I never felt like they overdid the soapy stories between the characters. The writers did a good job of balancing how much personal life to show vs. on the job stuff. And when they did go the soapy route, they usually nailed it. Case in point: during the end of season one Severide and Shay found themselves trying to have a baby together as platonic friends. Now, this was an incredibly sweet story especially for Shay who was burned by her ex-girlfriend badly. But if that story had concluded in Shay being artificially inseminated, it would have been the wrong choice. Severide and Shay having a baby together is a series ending move, much later down the line. That's why Severide's ex-girlfriend Renee (Sarah Shahi) returning pregnant was not only a perfect gut punch (in the best of ways), but the right choice to maintain that good balance.

TV Review: Hostages Pilot

Hostages, a new CBS drama, packs a lot of punch. When a show (or in this case a "limited series") puts it all on the table with one allegedly magnanimous event to propel itself forward, it had better be compelling. It had better pack some tension, and it's got to successfully heighten that tension from the beginning until the credits. For the most part, Hostages delivers.

Hair and Now: Beards and their fuzzy Pasts.

So, I'm pretty frequent on the social media sites and I'm seeing these hashtags everywhere #beardlife, #beardthef***up, #beardgang and so on and so forth and I'm not impressed. I've heard the saying "nothing under the sun is new" and it's true. If we take a glance back far enough, beards have always been hair, I mean here. All the greats possessed beards, well the greats in my eyes. Fidel, Che, Moses, Jesus. Who can argue with such a line up?

An Artist Pep-Talk

So you're not really sure if you can call yourself an "artist" yet, but you have a healthy amount of artwork completed. You have been leisurely creating art for a couple years now and are beginning to grasp a firm grip on your craft.

How Art Gets Lost In Money

Today I was mulling around the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Amongst the empty frames from the most prolific art theft of recent history, was some pretty incredible and meaningful art. During my visit I caught myself thinking about the amount of money the theft is advertised as (north of $500 million).