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TV Review: Almost Human Season One Episode Two "Skin"

Episode Two titled "Skin" has arrived.

This episode finds John and Dorian investigating the murder of Sebastian Jones, a high end sex bot maker at the hands of two thugs and a beautiful woman who seduces him. Dorian quickly proves his usefulness when he identifies that the murderers used a DNA bomb to eliminate all trace evidence from the room. He also reviews security camera footage and determines that the beautiful woman was an android herself, and that the men used flash masks to conceal their identities.

TV Review: Almost Human Pilot

FOX has premiered the drama Almost Human from Executive Producer J.J. Abrams.

We find ourselves in Los Angeles in the future, year 2048. The stage has been set, and as drugs and technology evolve quickly, crime also rises astronomically while cops race to try and control the situation. In order to combat the rise in criminal organizations who are in charge of distributing these large quantities of contraband, the police have developed a new tactic - every human cop is paired with a "combat-model android".

TV Review: Hostages Season 1 Episode 7 "Hail Mary"

Hail Mary is a perfect title for this episode. This episode throws all it can at the audience in a desperate attempt to say "Ah-ha! Look! We're actually a good show!" In the beginning, it had (very) early signs of maybe going in the right direction. However, like that friend of yours that doesn't know when to shut up, it kept throwing more and more ridiculous things at the audience until the episode takes a nose dive in quality and we're stuck with the same bad show.