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Jonah Hill & Rebel Wilson: The Same Person?

My name is Tyler. I am a celebrity doppelganger artist.

I did not type that with a straight face. But part of me wishes I was the type of person that could do that. I am envious of such assholes. Anyway, I created my site doppspot.com at the beginning of 2011. Doppspot was the catchy name I came up with for celebrity look alikes or "doppelgangers". Recently I have been told that I am using the term doppelganger incorrectly but guess what I dgaf. Go correct someone's grammar.

Movie Review: Baggage Claim

I have been a little bit anti-movies lately. And its horrible. Almost every movie I have gone to watch has been a boring disappointment. So sitting on my sunday I decided to watch this movie called "Baggage claim" that starred Paula Patton, Derek Luke(who absolutely killed his role in the movie Antwone Fisher), Taye Diggs, Jill Scott and a plethora of others.

Valentine's Pay.

Men, take out your wallets, clear it out. This is going to cost. You're gonna hit the mall and go in and out of stores. And repeat this process not finding anything thats in your price range. And you're gonna keep going.