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Shane Victorino + Dobby = Verne Troyer

I call this a Tripleganger. When two people blended together equals a third.

I have the most amazing time attempting to figure out the percentages. But this is about as close to a 50/50 split as you can get. You can't even delineate it into sections of the face. It is just a perfect blending. Like the ice cream thing that impeccably swirls the chocolate and the vanilla.

Jonah Hill & Rebel Wilson: The Same Person?

My name is Tyler. I am a celebrity doppelganger artist.

I did not type that with a straight face. But part of me wishes I was the type of person that could do that. I am envious of such assholes. Anyway, I created my site doppspot.com at the beginning of 2011. Doppspot was the catchy name I came up with for celebrity look alikes or "doppelgangers". Recently I have been told that I am using the term doppelganger incorrectly but guess what I dgaf. Go correct someone's grammar.

Movie Review: Baggage Claim

I have been a little bit anti-movies lately. And its horrible. Almost every movie I have gone to watch has been a boring disappointment. So sitting on my sunday I decided to watch this movie called "Baggage claim" that starred Paula Patton, Derek Luke(who absolutely killed his role in the movie Antwone Fisher), Taye Diggs, Jill Scott and a plethora of others.