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Does Hillary Clinton Really "Hate Everyday Americans?" Infowars Pulls Story on Wikileaks Emails

In the latest set of emails released today by Wikileaks, there is one email that seems particularly damaging to Hillary Clinton. It contains the line "I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans," which several conservative news outlets took to mean that Clinton hates Americans. But is that true?

'Too Close to Home' Recap: Episode 8: Who Dies In the Explosive Finale?

Tonight is episode 8 of TLC's Too Close to Home, and the finale. But there have been so many unresolved story lines, we're not sure if there's enough time to find out what happens. For instance, what's become of the President's wife? Will Anna's daughter Rebel forgive her? Will the main who assaulted Bonnie actually come back to finish the job? And what happened to Shelby?

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen: How Much Does It Cost To Live Like Them?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen just returned from France where they were seen out and about because they were both attending a friend's wedding. The Olsen twins have certainly kept a low profile in the past few years, especially since Mary Kate Olsen married Oliver Sarkozy. But even if they aren't spotted at too many celebrity events, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen certainly like to live the high life. Considering their combined fortune is now said to total $300 million, they certainly have enough extra cash to spend. Read on to see just how much it money it costs to live like these two lucky girls!