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Has Dove Cameron's Breakup with Ryan McCartan been in the Works for a While?

Dove Cameron, star of the hit Disney series, "Liv and Maddie" recently got out of a serious, long-term relationship with Ryan McCartan. Just 6 months ago, Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron, were inseparable, even announcing their engagement. But why did this popular Disney couple break up? And was evidence that the breakup was coming evident in their respective social media presences all along?

Gavin MacFadyen (MacFayden): The Mysterious Death of Another Wikileaks Associate

The Centre for Investigative Journalism announced today that Gavin MacFadyen, a Wikileaks advocate and mentor to Julian Assange has died. In and of itself, this wouldn't be such big news. However, the strange circumstances, along with the recent deaths of other Wikileaks associates makes the circumstances much stranger.