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Incredible Father-Daughter Singing Duo Visits The Ellen Show

What's the best way to steal the heart of people all around the world? Well, if you're a dad like Dave with plenty of talent and you have an adorable kid who loves to sing like Claire, you've pretty much got the recipe. The Ellen Show welcomed a father-daughter singing duo to the show to chat about how the video came about. The duo even gave a performance for the audience and viewers at home.

Will Pokémon Go Launch Generation 2 On Christmas Day?

If there is anything to be known about the Pokemon Go app, it's that they love to spring some surprises on fans for the holidays. They have already introduced a new set of baby Pokemon from the second generation of the series, along with a special holiday version of Pikachu and when evolved, Raichu. However, could NianticLabs be saving their best update for two of the biggest holidays of the year?