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Will Pokémon Go Launch Generation 2 On Christmas Day?

If there is anything to be known about the Pokemon Go app, it's that they love to spring some surprises on fans for the holidays. They have already introduced a new set of baby Pokemon from the second generation of the series, along with a special holiday version of Pikachu and when evolved, Raichu. However, could NianticLabs be saving their best update for two of the biggest holidays of the year?

The Weeknd Continues His Musical Dominance With 'Starboy'

The Weeknd only seems to be getting better and better with time. He has found the perfect formula for creating and incredible pop hit that rises up the charts, providing a hit for the streets to bang in their trunk and also has the perfect R&B tracks to set the mood. The release of Starboy is a testament to just how versatile he really is and is another successful notch in his discography.