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Interview With Pittsburgh Dance Punk Band, Nevada Mountains

This past week, Nevada Mountains, a Pittsburgh indie-rock band with a dance-punk edge, opened up for the post-punk and shoe-gazing band from San Fran, Weekend. The bands brought a crowd of dancing fans to Brillobox, a quaint venue located in the hip neighborhood just east of downtown Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville. Before the show, the down-to-earth dudes of Nevada sat down and shared their history and upcoming plans for fans for the coming autumn months.

A Night Out: Chris and his Stylez

One warm night I was walking around the East village of NYC, i stumbled up the DROM music venue. I read their nights itinerary and it read "a night with Bobby Valentino". Me being in love with music and what it once was, I was intrigued. I went in a bit anxious, and I had a seat by the bar. Other patrons sitting at the bar were waiting patiently. I ordered a drink and sat like I was getting ready to take a time machine ride back to the past.

Bridging the Gap: Hip-hop and the "Lost" Generation

We used to listen to the greats... Wu-tang, Dogg pound, Tupac, Redman, and many others. The music in my era was golden and a lot of it possessed a message. Even when it was gangsta rap they spoke of why they were doing what they were doing and spoke a lot about the consequences. Now in music there is billions of dollars worth of drug sales, a whole lot of murder with non arrests, no persecution or very minimal penalties. But aside from all that, the music is small and has seemingly no substance.