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Ultra Worldwide Concludes on A High Note

The closing ceremony of the second annual edition of ULTRA Brasil on Saturday, October 14, marked the culmination of another year of monumental success and international expansion for ULTRA Worldwide - a year which saw over 1 million people attend 45 events in 20 countries across 5 continents. EDM music never sounded sweeter. Check out some of the record breaking numbers from the worldwide event below.

Michael Jackson 'SCREAM' Makes Its Way Up The Charts

Michael Jackson SCREAM, a collection of 13 of his all-time most electrifying and danceable tracks including "Thriller," "Dangerous," "Blood On The Dance Floor," "Ghosts," "Torture," and "Dirty Diana", debuted on the album charts at #3 on Current and Overall Pop and #3 on Current and Overall R&B and #8 and #10 for Physical and Overall Album sales, respectively. It also debuted in the top 10 landing at #9 in the UK. It wouldn't be Halloween without the King of Pop and his series of thrilling songs.

Eminem Unleashes A Series of Harsh Words Towards President Donald Trump

Eminem is known for not giving a single care in the world when it comes to sharing his feelings. Why should he? He has the right to. That is exactly what he did last night at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards during his solo cypher for four minutes and 34 seconds. In his cypher, he didn't just showcase his incredible lyrical skills, he also addressed real issues that the nation is facing as well as his feelings towards President Donald Trump and any of his supporters.