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Get To Know: Lemaitre

Lemaitre is an electronic producing pair rising from Oslo, Norway who are ready to take the electronic music scene by storm with their recent release Relativity by Nite. Released in early September, the Norwegian duo has been promoting the collection of club edits, remixes and instrumentals.

Get To Know: The Apache Relay

Last weekend while in Columbus, I had the opportunity to interview one of my new favorite bands, The Apache Relay. After listening to some of the band's music before heading to see them perform at this summer's Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware, I knew the talented group of guys would soon be on the rise of the indie music scene.

On The Rise: Elenowen

Josh and Nicole Johnson, also known as the Americana-folk duo, Elenowen, have had both a real and rare romantic and musical chemistry since they were 15 and 16 years old. The couple met while in high school, dated for a year, broke up for a year and a half, got back together and have been together since.

Get To Know: The Floozies

Today marks the release day for The Floozies' first label release album, "Tell Your Mother". The Floozies consists of Mark and Matt Hill, two musical brothers from Lawrence, Kansas. The two have been spending their autumn months touring around the country for music festivals and at local shows.

On The Rise: Shreddie Mercury

Jonathan Kane is a 24 year old music producer from Columbia, MO, who is most recognized by his stage name, Shreddie Mercury. Shreddie Mercury has only been producing electronic music for just under a year now, all from his own home studio - but you would never guess from the insane talent and complexity of his work.