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Author Interview: Jessica Lander's Driving Backwards

Jessica Lander is a busy woman. In the past two years not only has she taught business entrepreneurship at a program for low-performing and often low-income students in Boston, she also piloted a program for ESL distance learners, enrolled in an M.A. program at Harvard for educational policy and, oh, yeah, she published her first book, Driving Backwards, something she's been working on for half a decade.

Get To Know: The Paul & John

These days, when the word "pop" is mentioned, I immediately think of some photogenic teenage girl with more than a hint of sleaze and a liberal dose of auto-tune thrown in for good measure. We forget there was a time when "pop" was created by singer-songwriters who had a craft of writing perfect melodies. Image and style took a backseat to talent. Think about it: Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and Joe Jackson were not exactly Abercrombie & Fitch models... But their audience didn't care. It was about the songs.