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Ellen DeGeneres Urges Us All To Get Along After The 2016 Election

Like many mainstream talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres has chosen to take a comedic yet important stance on addressing the 2016 election results, only, she didn't actually know the outcome of the election as she was taping Wednesday's show on Tuesday afternoon. In her opening monologue, DeGeneres wanted to remind us all about how important it is for everyone to get along.

Is Dan Bilzerian Just Another Rich Kid Or Did He Earn His Money?

If you've ever seen Dan Bilzerian's social media presence, then you know he spends most of his time cavorting with scantily clad voluptuous women and displaying his armament of weapons. Based on this alone, it's clear that Dan Bilzerian has somehow accumulated a large amount of expendable wealth. But just how did he get to be so rich? We got the inside scoop for you on how this Instagram star gained his fortune.

Why Has There Been No Progress In Finding Corey Haim's Abuser?

It has been nearly two months since Radar Online and other publications claimed to have evidence pointing to certain Hollywood bigwigs in the rape of Corey Haim. Soon after, one of Corey Haim's best friends came out and accused two individuals of being complicit in it. Yet there has been no progress, no further investigation, nothing. Just radio silence. So what's going on?