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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Preview: Is Whitney Way Thore Pregnant?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the hit TLC reality show about fearless Whitney Way Thore, will premiere on January 24th, 2017. But given that Whitney always manages to surround herself with drama, we're pretty sure that she's had quite a few adventures since the finale of the last season. So what has she been up to and what can we expect for the upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life? We'll give you the scoop.

Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood': The Truth About Peter and Jenn

MTV's Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' premiered its 11th episode last night. The episode, one of the last of the season, centers around Tyara's departure from the house, as well as the tension between Peter, Jennifer, Anna, and Katrina. In the episode, the fireworks fly as Peter yells at Jenn about her friendship with Anna, and then Anna and Jenn start fighting.