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Brooklyn Zine Fest Wraps Up

Today is the last day to attend the Brooklyn Zine Fest--an annual exhibit held at Brooklyn's Historical Society in New York. There, local creative people set up tables and booths, sharing self-published zines about writing, illustration, photography, music, cooking, skating, and just about anything.

MoCCA Fest: Day 2

Yesterday we bid adieu to MoCCA Fest, the weekend-long event created by the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. This was the second year that NYC' Society of Illustrators produced the event, and, judging by the record high turn-out, it was quite a success.

Artist Feature: Dylan Egon

Dylan Egon is a mixed-media artist based out of New Jersey. Whether crafting collages with paint, foil, and a myriad of found objects, creating silk screens and sculptures, or (more recently) designing furniture, Egon's work addresses such themes as pop culture, consumerism, religion, and the impermanence of nature.