Cassidy & Fred Money Dissect 'Floyd Mayweather V.S. Manny Pacquiao' In 'Manny V.S. Floyd'

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Two of battle raps best complete rip apart every scandal ever brought up in the lives of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather as Cassidy and Fred Money release, "Manny V.S. Floyd."

(Audio Below)

The Pacquiao V.S. Mayweather fight is just a little over a week away and with that comes much anticipation and preparation by everyone trying to give their two cents about each fighter.

Cassidy and Fred Money take a very interest approach as they assume the role as rapping analysts.

The profile scandals between the two such as Mayweather not being able to read and Pacquiao's tax issues.

No one is safe in this freestyle not even Pacquiao's mother who is often associated with doing some strange type of voodoo before his fights.

The two major fighters are also expected to be "walking billboards" during the fight according to ESPN. The ESPN article says that companies are purchasing space on the fighters trunks for advertising.

There is so much money being thrown around for this fight that it has to lead fans to wonder if it's just all about the money rather than the glory.

The fight between the two future boxing legends is scheduled for May 2.

Listen to "Manny V.S. Floyd" below.