Carrie Underwood and Seth Rogen Play 'You Must Say' On The Ellen Show

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During his visit to The Ellen Show, Seth Rogen and Ellen DeGeneres has a little fun with Carrie Underwood for a new game called You Must Say.

Rogen's responsibility was to feed DeGeneres a phrase that she had to say to Underwood later on in the show during her own interview.

Rogen had the rundown on what it was he had to do then got down to business. He wanted to see if DeGeneres could get Underwood to do something funny.

So his phrase included DeGeneres asking Underwood to do the chicken dance without any music.

Rogen was curious to see if Underwood would actually do it. He said he would give DeGeneres whatever she wanted if she got Underwood to do the dance.

Later on in the show Underwood sat down for her interview and DeGeneres did her part in repeating the phrase that Rogen appointed her with. The crowd cheered on as Underwood looked puzzled at why she was being asked to do a chicken dance.

They sort of peer pressured her into doing a chicken dance. She did a slight chicken dance but it was a bit underwhelming.

Underwood learned that she was part of a new game in what was a pretty awkward moment for her.

You can check out Seth Rogen and Carrie Underwood's first attempt at You Must Say from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Carrie Underwood and Seth Rogen Play 'You Must Say' On The Ellen Show