Carrie Fisher Talks Harrison Ford and More On The Ellen Show

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Well the entire Star Wars universe and many more were shocked when Carrie Fisher admitted that she had an affair with Harrison Ford.

The actress paid The Ellen Show another visit and Harrison Ford was definitely one of the talking points during the interview, along with her love for Coca-Cola.

As Fisher sat down with DeGeneres, the host said that her guest had her drink of choice in her mug and it just so happened to be Coke. Fisher said she drinks about 16, however, she doesn't drink all of them.

She starts them and they begin to get warm so she has to get another one. DeGeneres immediately started listing out why Coke was bad for you. That being said, Fisher's father was the spokesperson for Coca-Cola.

DeGeneres said she wasn't allowed to drink Coke during the filming of Star Wars. Fisher explained that they hired part of her and they had to get rid of the part they don't want.

She said she had baby fat on her face and they needed to find a hairstyle to hide it. Then it got down to the juicy part of the interview.

Fisher admitted that she did have an affair with Ford and waited 40 years to reveal it. She was good at keeping the secret and said it was more of an infatuation. It was the location that helped it all go down.

Fisher said you can sleep with someone if your family isn't around. Fisher said she did tell Ford that she was going to write about it in her book.

The way Fisher talked about the affair was so comedic that you can't help but laugh at the situation. Later on she played a game called Carrie Fishing for Answers, which was even more hilarious than the interview.

You can watch Fisher's hilarious interview and game of Carrie Fishing for Answers from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Carrie Fisher Talks Harrison Ford and More On The Ellen Show