Carrie Fisher Honored By Actors and Media All Over

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Our Princess Leia has died at the age of 60 but the legacy of Carrie Fisher is so deeply rooted in pop culture that she is being honored by every media company and top names in entertainment.

Best-selling author, actress, comedian and mental health champion are just some of the amazing accolades being given to the deserving Fisher.

With a personality as colorful and lovable as the characters she portrayed on film, Fisher always lit up any stage she graced.

One of her most recent and memorable interviews came from The Ellen Show, where she discussed having an affair with Harrison Ford and the shocking amount of Coca-Cola she consumed. 16 to be exact.

Fisher lived an unapologetic life and was not afraid to share some of the more darker times. This is one of the many qualities that earned her an immense amount of respect.

Fisher's struggle with bi-polar disorder was publicized and she used her struggles as a way to bring light to those who suffer from them. The multi-talented celebrity was loved because of how relatable she was to a regular person.

All over actresses like Kate Hudson have been sending their love to the Fisher family and honoring her legacy. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher.

?z'" Sending big love to fam ?z'"

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Carrie Fisher Honored By Actors and Media All Over