Carl from Shameless & Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus looks like the first girl you call when your girlfriend goes out of town. She also looks like Carl from Shameless.

Which makes the first sentence weird.

I will admit I am weird and even crazy for noticing and fixating on this shit but look man, what are you going to argue with photological evidence?

Yeah, I made that word up. I'm also misusing the word doppelganger.

Eat me.

Guess what Maxim Hot 100, your top rated hot girl looks like a boy.

Your went further from the reservation than Chief Bromden when you started it by putting Zooey Deschanel 4 spots ahead of Ashley Sky but come on. Miley no. 1?????

Like my old boss Adam Carolla used to say, the prettiest girls have male features. He didn't mean 11 1/2 year olds.

Look at Doutzen Kroes, for instance (not on Maxim's Hot 100) easily one of the top 15 most beautiful women on earth currently. You can disagree with me on that but she has a pocket full of Franklin's that are nodding their heads along with me. Take it up with them.

Anyway, she is has the Brad Pitt jaw. And it is spectacular.

I love Miley for her cunning and for her cash and I want to have 8 months worth of sleep overs with her but physically speaking - and that is what you mean by "hot" isn't it - my penis would never stop complaining if I put it in Miley instead of her.

And with that, please check out Miley on the Bangerz tour. Doutzen someplace foreign sashaying down a catwalk with wings on her back. And Carl on Shameless Sundays at 9 pm on Showtime.

Have a blessed day :)

PS Please keep comparing her to Bieber. They are both white and have the same haircut. Good job, you can have a doggie treat. Not even a whole one. Maybe a half.

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