Can't Stay Mad At This Cute French Candy Thief

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This little girl has to be one of the cutest thieves we have ever seen. Along with the mothers help, this little girl steals some candy and then conspires to hide it from her father.

"Put the box back, fast!". It looks like this girl knows how to hide the evidence.

Recently we have been featuring viral content from a somewhat younger age group in collaboration with our partner Message With A Bottle (The creator is an awesome friend of ours and has a new book coming out).

If you have ever had anything stolen from you, this girl is probably the most ideal profile because honestly, how could you stay mad at her? When the mother hears a noise that might be the father, the daughter comes up with a brilliant strategy. Put the lollipop in the trash and then scoot back under the desk where she was eating the candy in the first place.

The best part? The daughter then asks the mom to turn around and act natural.

Someone has a bright future ahead of her regarding problem solving, as long as it involves candy.