Gianluca Vacchi, Dan Bilzerian: Outdone at Their Own Game by this 'Regular Guy'?

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Gianluca Vacchi and Dan Bilzerian are considered a God on the Internet for their opulent (near) billionaire lifestyles, with yachts, cars, mansions, and of course, beautiful women, like Vacchi's girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele.

But there's a new guy in town who lives what may be an even more lavish lifestyle -- on just pennies: Justin Ross Lee, with his girlfriend Kate Nardi.

Justin Ross Lee is an Instagram celebrity, who has found fame by being a self-proclaimed "travel hacker." Lee isn't an ultra wealthy entrepreneur like Gianluca Vacchi, but a regular guy who's figured out how to live like Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele without spending money.

He stays in the top hotels, spends his days on yachts, and travels in the finest of comforts with his (arguably even more beautiful) girlfriend Kate Nardi.

Who are Justin Ross Lee and Kate Nardi?

So who is this guy? Lee takes advantage of "opportunities" in the travel industry, such as using frequent flyer miles to fly first-class, buying refundable airline tickets just to use the amenities, and showing fake business cards to get perks, according to Ben Schlappig, of the blog One Mile at a Time.

Here's a video of Justin Ross Lee discussing what he does in his own words:

But what really makes Justin Ross Lee like Dan Bilzerian, Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele are the ostentatious photos he takes with girlfriend Kate Nardi all over the world. Here is just one example of what we mean:

Good night Malaysia #JewJetting #KualaLumpur #PetronasTowers

A photo posted by #JewJetting (@justinrosslee) on

Just like Dan Bilzerian, and Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele, Justin Ross Lee and Kate Nardi know that wealth coupled with sex always sells, and boy do they take advantage of it.

Here are some photos that show you what we mean:

Casual Monday's. Next stop: #JewJetting #TurkishAirlines #Istanbul-> #Singapore

A photo posted by #JewJetting (@justinrosslee) on

Here they are in the DMZ, the demilitarized zone on the border of North Korea. This is a tense conflict region, and the government urges you to be respectful.

And here's a picture of Kate Nardi drinking champagne and eating caviar in first class on Cathay Pacific:

Don't tell anyone, but I actually don't like caviar. #MoreForJustin #JewJetting #FirstClass #CathayPacific

A photo posted by Kate Nardi (@katenardi) on

And here she is again on a boat in Thailand:

When you have the giggles at the most appropriate time... #Blonde #OnABoat in #Thailand

A photo posted by Kate Nardi (@katenardi) on

But Can Justin Ross Lee and Kate Nardi Really Compare to the King, Gianluca Vacchi and Queen, Giorgia Gabriele?

So how do Justin Ross Lee and Kate Nardi compare to Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele? We'd say they're pretty even at this point. Here are a few pictures of Vacchi and his girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele on their travels:

Sigla summer 2016 @jogiorgiajo #gvlifestyle #lioibiza

A video posted by Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) on

Some days ago.. @gianlucavacchi #me #GG #us #gvlovestyle

A photo posted by Giorgia Gabriele (@jogiorgiajo) on

H2O #me #GG #summer2016

A photo posted by Giorgia Gabriele (@jogiorgiajo) on

Or Is Justin Ross Lee More Like Dan Bilzerian?

But Justin Ross Lee and Kate Nardi also have a wild side, like Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian.

According to FlyerTalk, Justin Ross Lee " has been banned from a number of establishments for his contentious acts, the most recent of which occurred aboard a Japan Airlines flight." Here's a picture of what Lee and Nardi did:

Japan Airlines first class is the tits #JewJetting

A photo posted by #JewJetting (@justinrosslee) on

Here are some of Dan Bilzerian's wild pics:

Night mission back to LA w @lindseypelas @khloe @liverichmedia

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Date night

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

So what you think? Gianluca Vacchi may be the king, but he better watch out, because there may just be a new king in town.

Still, in our opinion, neither can match Dan Bilzerian.

Photo credit: Instagram/Kate Nardi

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