Cameron Dallas To Appear on Late Late Show With James Corden

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It seems that Cameron Dallas's ascent cannot be contained. Tonight, the social media star turned mainstream celebrity will be starring on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

He'll be joining Khloe Kardashian and Pharrell. So how did Cameron Dallas make the transition from peak popularity on social media to becoming a peer of Pharrell? We're guessing his new show on Netflix has something to do with this.

Chasing Cameron is Cameron Dallas's documentary style show on Netflix. The 10 episode series documents Cameron making his way through life, explaining how he got his start and navigating his newfound stardom.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cameron had the goal to star in his own Netflix series at least 2 years ago.

While the stats on the number of viewers aren't out yet, there's certainly plenty of fans who are likely to become viewers given that Cameron Dallas's YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers.

Cameron Dallas has also been at the forefront of social media stars who have leveraged their online stardom to engineer merchandising and endorsement empires. According to the Squander:

With so many fans subscribing to his videos, Cameron Dallas can count on a steady flow of income. But Dallas has also monetized his social media fans base through promotion of sponsored merchandise on his posts. In addition, Cameron Dallas has been an active participant in MagCon, a tour for a number of popular male social media and musical stars. The tour travels through multiple cities of the US and sells tickets for fans to meet and greet these popular stars...More recently, Cameron Dallas has begun to earn his money by bridging the gap between being an internet start and a mainstream star. He had a role in Zac Efron's movie, "Neighbors 2," starred in a jeans campaign for Calvin Klein jeans and creates videos for

So will Cameron Dallas pull any of the charming stunts on the Late Late Show that propelled him to stardom? (These include eating a whole jar of pickles and then drinking the juice or counting the number of cheezeballs that can be stuffed in his mouth).

You'll just have to stay up and find out!

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