Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare bringing a new online experience

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Sledgehammer Games is the developer of the upcoming Call Of Duty game and they have recreated a tired multiplayer experience with new and exciting.

Sledgehammer has added an exoskeleton suit which adds speed and power to your character thus altering gameplay, as well as new perks like invisibility.

Speaking of perks, the pick 10 system has evolved into a pick 13 system allowing you to add a few extra perks (or guns, or anything else you can think of) to your load out.

Sledgehammer also claims there will be slightly under 350 customized guns and ammo will be replaced by a heat management system where expending too much ammo too quickly will cause a cool down period where your weapon will not fire.

Sledgehammer seems to have taken their experience with the Dead Space franchise and applied it to Call Of Duty, resulting in a new sci - fi shooter different from past titles in the series. We can't wait to play it.

Check out IGN's review of the new multiplayer trailer: