Bryce Dallas Howard Weighs In On Playing Poison Ivy In Gotham City Sirens

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It seems as if every redhead in Hollywood wants a chance to play the role of Poison Ivy in DC/Warner Bros.' upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie.

This is a new comic book movie focusing on the characters of Harley Quinn, Catwoman and of course Poison Ivy.

Little is known about the movie so far other than that Margot Robbie will be reprising her role as Harley Quinn. The director of the movie will be Suicide Squad's David Ayer with a script written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

Anyway, the role of Poison Ivy has been highly sought after. It wasn't too long ago that Jessica Chastain threw her name in to play the character.

Now Jurassic World's Bryce Dallas Howard has shown interest in the character too. A fan asked if she would like to play the character on Twitter. She said "she's pretty badass". You can look at the tweet below.

The only live action Poison Ivy that has been seen was Uma Thurman's take on the character in 1997's Batman and Robin. Thurman didn't do a bad job of playing the character, although some might say her performance was over-the-top.

You cannot blame her since the movie itself had a bad script to begin with.

Another name that has been thrown around is Megan Fox who is usually a brunette. Fox was reportedly given some Poison Ivy comics to research the role.

No other developments have been made on that topic. Fans are hoping Fox isn't given the part...

It's interesting a lot of actresses have been talking about Poison Ivy as opposed to Catwoman. I guess Catwoman is not as interesting as Poison Ivy as we have seen her character on the big screen multiple times before.

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