Brock Lesnar Teases A Return To The UFC At UFC 226

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UFC 226 was an unpredictable event as Daniel Cormier became the new UFC Heavyweight Champion by defeating Stipe Miocic by knocking him out in the first round. What happened after that was interesting because WWE's Brock Lesnar entered the octagon.

When Daniel Cormier was getting interviewed by Joe Rogan after winning the UFC Heavyweight Title, Cormier called out Brock Lesnar to be his next opponent.

Instead of just sitting at ringside like most people do, Lesnar came inside the octagon to actually accept Cormier's challenge.

Joe Rogan actually allowed Brock Lesnar to speak on the microphone, although Lesnar pushed Cormier really hard when the two were inside the ring. Many people had to separate the huge fighters to make sure a riot did not ensue.

In true Brock Lesnar fashion, Lesnar called Miocic a "pieces of sh#t" and claims that Cormier is a "MF''er' that has "his" title.

Brock Lesnar was so fired up, UFC President Dana White had to step in to calm the situation down.

It's possible this set up was staged, but it gives us an indication that Brock Lesnar will be Daniel Cormier's next opponent.

This is interesting since Lesnar is still contracted with the WWE, but there's a chance he can take time off to do MMA fighting again.

As of this moment, nothing official has been announced but this looks like where the UFC is going in the near future.

This could be a sign that Lesnar will be losing his WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam next month so he can take time off to train for this big fight.

Update: It's being reported that Daniel Cormier will face Brock Lesnar this November at Madison Square Garden. Details are scarce right now, but this looks like where things are going.

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