Brianna Leah Covers 'Dear Future Husband' By Meghan Trainor & 'Sugar' By Maroon 5

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There is a sea of endless talent on YouTube, both old and new and among those Brianna Leah stands out as one of the budding young talents.

This time she takes on Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" and Maroon 5's "Sugar."

Brianna Leah aka Brianna Curiel is a young voice that many might associate with Kidz Bop. However, Curiel takes on songs that are far beyond her age but current on the pop charts. Her covers are simple and she mostly stays true to the original arrangements of the hits.

With her covers of "Dear Future Husband" and "Sugar," she shows her true love for pop music.

She has made her music videos just as important as her covers. They are fun and engaging and she never tries to be older than she is.

Brianna Leah's "Dear Future Husband' Cover

With over 31,000 subscribers on YouTube she has become a young voice that music lovers should watch as she grows older. The music video for "Sugar" plays up the word by making it all about candy for the visual.

The "Sugar" cover is one of her strongest yet, despite having her "Dear Future Husband" cover posted to the DreamWorks TV YouTube channel.

Overall she does great covers for her age and the colorful personality shows through the music video. Look out for Curiel's charisma and talent in the future.

Brianna Leah's "Sugar" Cover