Brett 'Hitman' Hart Sports a Drake OVO Tee

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As if Drake wasn't enough of an influence on the world we live in the rapper now has a pretty legendary endorsement, WWF legend that is.

Bret "Hitman" Hart shared a photo of him sporting an OVO Owl Tee which was later reposted by Drake.

Bret Hart is a fellow Canadian so there really is no surprise that he would be supporting Drake, well, other from the fact that they come from completely different generations. Hart is one of the WWE's most successful and beloved wrestlers and him sporting an OVO Tee is a big endorsement for Drizzy.

So it doesn't matter how many outdoor lamps Drake breaks he still manages to continue to win. Hart is a former WWF champion and is famous for his pink and black leather motorcycle jacket and his bold matching sunglasses.

"It was in this humanitarian spirit that Bret traveled the globe for two decades as World Champion of both major wrestling organizations brightening the lives of sick and dying children, who he met one on one while taking seriously his position to live up to being a role model to millions more watching on TV," according to Hart's bio.

Now, Hart is continuing to be fashion icon with his OVO Tee. Legendary is an understatement here.


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