Brec Bassinger Is Going To College -- Where's She Going?

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This week, Brec Bassinger, star of Nickelodeon's Bella and the Bulldogs, revealed that she will be attending college in the fall. But where will she be going?

Brec made the college announcement three days ago with a graduation photo on Instagram:

A photo posted by Brec Bassinger (@brecbassinger) on

Brec graduated from high school a year ago, but she decided to take some time to work on other projects before applying to college.

She revealed that she was applying in November, when she wrote, "Guys I'm applying for college all by myself and I'm so proud and scared and excited I HAD ALL THE RIGHT PAPERWORK AND EVERYTHING."

Since then, she hasn't talked much about her college plans -- until recently. Given that she said that she would be starting college this upcoming semester, it seems that she will have to start getting ready soon.

But one thing that Brec did not reveal is where exactly she will be going to college. So we decided to offer up a few hypotheses:

Our first guess would be NYU. Brec recently discussed going to the east coast and said NYC was her favorite place.

In fact, she appears to be there now.

It's not clear whether this is a college-related trip or just a fun trip, but given that she loves the city, it wouldn't be a stretch for her to want to study there.

Many famous actors and actresses have attended NYU because of their renowned programs.

Other celebs who have attended NYU include Dakota Fanning, the Olsen twins, and fellow Nickelodeon actress Ashley Argota. NYU would allow her the flexibility to continue doing acting projects during her studies.

Other places we think she may attend are Columbia -- also in New York -- and USC. USC is another college attended by many celebrities. Another Nickelodeon star, Miranda Cosgrove, is currently going to USC; she just recently celebrated completing another semester.

Wherever Brec goes, she's gonna have some lucky classmates!

So where do you think Brec will go for college? Will it be one of these schools or somewhere else? Tweet us.