The Booker T And Corey Graves Feud Was All A Big Prank

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WWE commentators Booker T and Corey Graves tricked the professional wrestling industry earlier this week by staging their own "feud". It turns out their beef was nothing but a big prank that they did for themselves.

Booker T and Corey Graves admitted to the public the fake feud during Booker T's Heated Conversations radio show.

The two of them are good friends and Booker T thought it was fun to rib his friend to see how it plays out.

If you did not know already, Booker T claimed he hates Corey Graves and he's the reason why he's no longer a full time Raw commentator.

Booker T said he hates Graves so much, he would not hesitate to fight him on the street.

Initially, Graves was not aware of the prank until WWE wrestler Big E asked him about it. Graves instantly knew it was a prank so he decided to play along with it.

Well many wrestling journalists and fans thought the hatred between the two was legitimate. Both Booker T and Graves wanted to see how long they could keep this up.

Graves even gave Big E permission to talk about their "feud" on Smackdown Live saying Graves only has a six percent chance of beating Booker T in a street fight.

Pretty much the fake feud was blowing up more than the pair anticipated.

They decided to come clean and they laughed about the whole thing. Booker T is actually glad he's back on the pre-show as Jonathan Coachman now has to sit over three hours each week watching every minute of Raw...

Even though the thing was for humorous purposes, both of them are scared that journalists did not call each of them to verify the story.

They said it's scary mainly because we may not know what legitimate news is being reported in the media.

Booker T says he's not a fan of Donald Trump and him accusing everything as "fake news", but this ordeal made him think about how news stories are reported as a whole.

I guess the pair gave the professional wrestling industry a very early April Fool's joke. WWE should have aired it as part of its 'Swerved' prank TV show on the WWE Network.

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