Bobo Bowie May Return to Howard Stern's Show Sooner, Two Live Shows Added

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It looks like Howard Stern fans might be in for a treat next week as the SiriusXM show will be adding two live shows and also teased the return of Bobo Bowie in one of their latest tweets.

In the tweet below, the Stern Show made the announcement calling it breaking news.

There will be two live shows added next week but more importantly, the tweet alludes to a return of Bobo Bowie who was banned from the Stern Show amidst a "General Hospital" scandal where Stern said Bobo betrayed the show.

The Stern Show said that the bad news for fans is that their Bobo-free summer may be ending sooner.

Today during an update on Bobo Bowie, Ralph Cirella, who is supposed to be keeping tabs on Bobo got into a bit of an argument Shuli Egar who claimed Cirella was not doing his job properly.

"Ralph said that there is nothing to report about Bobo. He said he has no infractions at all as far as he knows," according to MarksFriggin.

"Shuli came in and said that Ralph hasn't done anything. He said he was supposed to contact him.

Ralph said Bobo is supposed to be ignored. Shuli said he was supposed to keep in touch with Bobo. Howard said Ralph has to do something."

Stern told Shuli that he was a moron for letting Cirella be in charge of Bobo and also came to the conclusion that Cirella wasn't doing his job and hasn't actually contacted Bobo.

"Ralph said that a criminal isn't going to say they robbed a bank. Howard said he should be checking in with them," according to the rundown.

"Shuli said that you can get Bobo to admit to stuff by tricking him. Shuli said he thought the end of the world was happening in the studio.

He said he's not the brightest guy. Shuli said this is classic Ralph. He said he says he's going to do something and 3 months later he hasn't done it."

Cirella maintained that he does his best in trying to keep up with Bobo and to his knowledge, Bobo hasn't breached the terms of his ban.

So with a clear slate, does this mean that fans will be able to see Bobo sooner than expected? Fans will have to tune into Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show during it's extended week to find out.